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Tuesday 18 June
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Online Registration Guides

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Every student of Anglia Ruskin University is required to register at the start of their course and then re-register on the anniversary of their start date or after any break in study. Registration is the formal process of becoming a student of Anglia Ruskin University. The information gathered in the registration process provides a record of their registration on to an Anglia Ruskin University validated course of study and their entitlement to access certain facilities of Anglia Ruskin University.

During the registration process students confirm or correct their personal and academic details. The process also asks them to confirm compliance with the appropriate University regulations. We hold this information on our central student database, called SITS:Vision, and they complete the registration process online using our e:Vision Web student portal.

It is important that students register as soon as possible.  Delays in registering will result in them not being able to access all the University facilities.