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Friday 23 February
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Service description & features is a leading online learning company that can help give you the knowledge and skills to utilise software that is used at Anglia Ruskin university. It is available to all staff and students of Anglia Ruskin University. The video library offers engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts.

To access Lynda, please go to

Using this service

This service can be used by all staff and students of Anglia Ruskin University. You do not need to register or obtain any permissions.


To access Lynda, please go to and log in using your Full Username (e.g. and your Anglia Ruskin Standard Password.


To access Lynda, please go to and log in using your Full Username (e.g. and your Anglia Ruskin Standard Password.

Note: Your Full username is made up of your Short Username e.g. ab123 followed by our institution details e.g. for students and for staff.
Your Full username is NOT your Anglia Ruskin email address.

Only your Full username will be accepted as a valid log in credential. If you are unsure as to what your Full Username is, please see our FAQ section for more information.

Getting help

For assistance with this service please contact

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I subscribe to the Lynda Learner email list?

Throughout the year we will be sending subscribed learners recommended videos of the week, this is in order to support the Office 2013 upgrade project and other technology enhancement projects around ARU. These links will send you straight to the most relevant parts of larger courses. If you would like to opt in to receiving these emails please do so by letting us know at

How to I log in for the first time?

  1. If you are a new user to Lynda, go to and log in using your Full username and your Anglia Ruskin password.
  2. You will then be asked if you have had a Lynda account before. Click No, I have never had an account. Lynda will automatically create a new user profile for you. Youre done!

How do I log in if I already have a Lynda Account?/ Migrating an existing user profile

If you already have a Lynda account, you will need to migrate your existing profile over to a new Anglia Ruskin authenticated Lynda account. This is so that you can keep any course history or playlists you may have created.

  1. Go to and enter your Full username and your standard Anglia Ruskin password. Click Sign In.
  2. This screen will ask you if you have had a Lynda Account before. As a previous user, please click 'I've had an account'
  3. If you would like to transfer your existing account over to your new profile, enter your Previous username (this will be your Anglia Ruskin email address, and your previous Lynda password.
  4. Once entered, click Transfer my history. Your previous account history will now be migrated to your new Anglia Ruskin Lynda account.
    I dont want my history? If you would prefer to start a brand new profile, please select 'No Thanks, I want to start a brand new profile' Lynda will then create a new profile. Please be aware that by choosing this option you will not have access to any of your previously created playlists or course history.

Further resources

Related pages: This service is not replacing the Microsoft IT Academy online learning tools, for information on how to login and get the best use of Microsoft IT Academy please view our Microsoft IT Academy page.

We have created a tour video to help you get logged in and navigate your way around, with a further Playlist video which demonstrates how to create and share playlists in

We also suggest that you watch the Introductory movie about the service, and watch How to use for additional information.