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Thursday 22 February
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New member of staff

As a new member of staff joining Anglia Ruskin University, you may not be familiar with our IT systems that are currently in place, how you can access them and what to do if you need assistance with any of the systems.

Below is a summary of the various systems and essentials that you should familiarise yourself with:

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  • Your Staff ID card
    • Before you can access any of the University systems you will need to be issued with an identity card. Your line manager is responsible for arranging a mutually convenient time on or prior to your start date for this. As soon as the staff card has been generated, IT Services will receive notification of your personal details including your full name, unique staff identification number, department and role that you will be employed in, your location within the University and telephone extension number. We will then issue you with a University Network Username (see more information below).

  • University Network Username
    • IT Services will create your University Network Username based upon the information we receive from the Staff Identity Card automatic issuing system. We will create a log-in ID in the format of your firstame and surname initials followed by a number which is determined by how many other staff members there are with the same initials as yourself. EG, if you were the 3rd Joe Bloggs to join the University you would receive the username JB3. These details are sent to your line manager who will be able to give you your intial credentials.

      NOTE: Once you have your credentials please register with Password Manager: as soon as possible and update your password.

  • E-mail
    • All Windows based staff computers come with Microsoft Office 2010. You can log into Microsoft Outlook once you have logged into the computer also using your University Network username and password. Our e-mail section of our support pages contains more details of the e-mail system.

  • Network Drives
    • All members of staff will be able to access various areas on the University Network Drives. Each member of staff is allocated 1gb of personal storage space on the 'H' drive. Each Faculty/Department has a folder on the 'J' drive where their shared documents can be stored. Our Remote Working section contains more information on how to access these when offsite.

  • VLE
    • The software that provides an online 'managed learning environment' at Anglia Ruskin University. Allowing lecture notes, or even whole courses, to be accessible to students via the World Wide Web.

  • My.Anglia
    • The Anglia Ruskin University intranet with links to news articles and the staff directory search. You can login to Anet using your University Network username and password.

  • e-Vision
    • e-Vision is our University's web interface to our student management system, SITS:Vision. It enables students to log in to see information such as assessment deadlines, results and announcements. You can login to e-Vision using your University Network username and password.

  • University Library
  • University Online Directory