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Tuesday 13 November
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Poll Everywhere

Service description and features

Poll Everywhere is an audience response system that can be used with live audiences using devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops. Staff users create questions (Polls) which are then presented to students (Participants) for their response. Question types include Multiple Choice, Free Text / Open Ended and Clickable Image. Students can respond via a mobile-friendly web page, the Poll Everywhere app (for iOS and Android), by sending text messages, or using Twitter. Instructions as to how Participants should respond are displayed on-screen. Polls can be delivered via the web or embedded into presentations (e.g. via the Poll Everywhere desktop app). Participant responses are updated in real time.

Using this service

Poll Everywhere is available to both students and staff.

It can be used by all staff to create and respond to Polls and by identified students of Anglia Ruskin University (to respond to Polls).


Staff members wishing to use Poll Everywhere should speak with their Faculty Learning Technologist in the first instance. 
Once invited to the University account, staff should follow the registration process advised by email. 

  1. Staff will then access Poll Everywhere at www.polleverywhere.com
  2. Login using your Anglia Ruskin email address (e.g. firstname.lastname@anglia.ac.uk) and your Poll Everywhere Password


Student access requirements currently varies according to use. In most instances, students do not currently need to register to respond to Polls. However, in some cases registration will be a pre-requisite (e.g. in Team Based Learning).

To respond to a Poll, please follow the instructions provided by your member of staff (e.g. use the Poll Everywhere mobile app and enter the user name provided, or go to www.PollEV.com/username). Instructions will be provided if registration is required.

Getting Help

For assistance with this service please contact your Faculty Learning Technologist in the first instance and then polleverywhere@anglia.ac.uk.

Learn more

To learn more about Poll Everywhere we suggest that you access their following online guides:

General Frequently Asked Questions

A very helpful resource for staff Users

Specific guide for Users/Instructors (staff) and Participants (students) in Education settings

Quick, simple, but informative video guides