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Wednesday 20 March
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Assistive Technology

Service description and features

This page outlines information on the assistive technologies that are available to students or staff. This page is likely to change frequently in 2015 due to the planned changes to the Disabled Student’s Allowance.

For more information on these changes and how they may affect you please speak with Study Support services Team directly or view the Study Support website for disabled students.
For more information on designing and developing your courseware as an educator to be more inclusive or to specifically meet the needs of certain disabilities please see the Anglia Learning and Teaching page of resources on Inclusive teaching.

Using this software

The following technologies are available at Anglia Ruskin University.


MindGenius is a mindmapping software application that can help manage and visualise ideas and information. This software can also help learners with Assisted Learning needs, supporting students with course work, literacy and developing strategies to cope with specific Assisted Learning difficulties.

MindGenius can be used to:

  • aid the process of building a map and disseminating information to build understanding on any topic
  • help classify information and work out the information to be included in essays and projects
  • Aid memory recall for all students through the use of adding colour and graphics
  • Motivate students who do not enjoy writing
  • Enable students to see all the information in context, with words, pictures, links etc.
  • support personalised learning to complement different learning styles
  • produce presentations, essays and reports directly from MindGenius maps
  • create visual focus for class discussion and encourages peer-to-peer learning
  • help develop creative thinking skills

Accessing MindGenius

MindGenius is available on all staff and student PC's.
To access this software:

  1. Select Start
  2. Select All Programs
  3. MindGenius Education 4 Enterprise will be listed for selection.Click to launch the application.


MindView is a professional mind mapping software that allows you to visually brainstorm, organize and present ideas.  Interactive mind mapping and visual organisation can help students who have learning disabilities improve their reading comprehension, facilitate research, structure written assignments, and enhance study skills.

Mindview can be used to:

  • enhance student's ability to visualize, organize and present information
  • enable students to convert linear lecture notes or information into a visual mind map
  • help students to structure their studies in a logical manner
  • outline written documents or projects
  • create storyboards and presentations
  • create timelines of information for projects or personal reflections

Accessing MindView

MindView is available for all staff and students
To access this software: please send a request to our Customer Support Team

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a speech recognistion software tool that lets users dictate emails, documents and browse the web all by using their voice. This software is particularly useful for those who find using a keyboard difficult and can help make using laptops and desktop computers more comfortable.

This software can be a useful tool to those who suffer from a range of impairments or conditions such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Repeatative Strain Injury (RSI), Arthritis, Chronic fatigue, Autism. Dragon can also help those who have language based learning difficulties with pronouciation and articulation.

Dragon offers users:

  • Hands free PC use for creating documents and navigating PC desktops.
  • Speech outputs for people who have a visual impairment.
  • Accomodates those who have speech and language impairements.

Accessing Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is available to staff.
To access this software: please send a request to our Customer Support Team.

Getting Help

For assistance with any of these technologies, please contact our Customer Support Team

Learn more

Further information on all of these technologies can be found on the Anglia Learning and Teaching webpages

Video Tutorials:
Getting started with MindGenius
Mindview Educational tutorials
Getting started with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Further resources

Accessible Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates are available for students and staff to download.

Creating Assessible Microsoft Office Documents on provides further guidance on how to create assessible documents.

An accessible documents video tutorial is available on MyPlayer.

For more information on Accessibility options for Office and Windows 7, please check our Office 2013 information page