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Sunday 22 April
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Telephony - at your work station

Service description and features

Telephony at Anglia Ruskin is managed by IT Services Operations and Customer Support teams. These teams support our University's fixed desk-based telephony service.

Services include:

  • Acquiring new handsets and extensions and relocation of existing phone extensions
  • Voicemail setup and password resets
  • Voice-point (phone) conferencing
  • Mobile device requests and support
  • Message broadcasting – messages can be distributed to a pre-determined list and retrieved via voicemail
  • Call pick up – allows staff to retrieve calls from colleagues’ phones when unattended
  • Hunt groups – incoming calls can be routed through a number of pre-listed extensions when unanswered
  • Change of dialling access – to allow long distance calls
  • Auto attendant programming – menu options for handling a high volume of calls
  • Fault reporting and resolution

Using this service

This service is available to Anglia Ruskin staff. Requests for services mentioned above should be made to our Customer Support Team.

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How do I direct dial to a desk from an external location?


Chelmsford: For all extensions dial 01245 68 followed by the extension number. For example to call 4357 dial 01245 684357.


Cambridge extensions starting with 2xxx: Dial 01223 698 followed by the last 3 digits of the extension number. For example to call 2222 dial 01223 698222.
Cambridge extensions starting with 5xxx: Dial 01223 69 followed by the extension number. For example to call 5678 dial 01223 695678.


Peterborough extensions starting with 53xx, 55xx or 57xx: Dial 01223 69 followed by the extension number. For example to call 5678 dial 01223 695678.

How do I access my voicemail?

Our Mitel voicemail services instructions (.pdf) provides guidance on how to use your Anglia Ruskin voicemail service, including instructions on accessing, retrieving and setting additional greetings.

How do I retrieve voicemail messages from the web

You can retrieve voicemail on the web by going directly to and logging in with your extension number as your username and your 6 digit pin code as your password.

What are Hot Desk extension numbers?

Enabling your extension number with Hot desk functionality allow users to log in to any desk IP phone, on any campus and receive phone calls from a desk phone in the same way as they would in their normal place of work. This service may be useful for those who regularly work across our campuses.

How can I request a Hot Desk exension number

If you would like enable hot desk functionally on your extension number please submit a request with our Customer Support Team.

How do I log in and out of a Hot Desk handset?

To log in to a hot desk phone:

1. Dial #80 on the telephone keypad.
2. * Login.
3. Enter your extension followed by #.
4. Enter your extension again followed by #.
5. Log in should then be complete.
To log out of a hot desk phone, press #80 on the telephone keypad followed by # for Logout.

Training and Support

Please click below for further information on using your handset.

Handset guides

We have the following user guide to help you get started with your handset.

Mitel 5330e Handset guide (.pdf)
Mitel 5212/5312 Handset guide (.pdf)
Mitel 5215 Handset guide (.pdf)
Superset 4015 Handset guide (.pdf)
Superset 4025 Handset guide (.pdf)