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Sunday 22 April
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Teaching Room Technologies

Service description and features

We have over 300 teaching spaces which have been fitted with specialist lectern equipment for enhanced presentation and teaching. The equipment available has been selected to suit the room type and the type of teaching that may take place in these rooms, the equipment type and availability will therefore vary room to room.

Using this software

This service is available to both students and staff.
We have created Teaching Room Technology guides which can be found in each of our teaching spaces to help you get started with using the equipment.

Click on each of the pages below to see the online guides.

Connecting PCs and Laptops

.pdf, 552 KB

Enabling the Display

.pdf, 702 KB

Smart Boards

.pdf, 108 KB

Smart Podiums

.pdf, 229 KB

Blu-Ray Players

.pdf, 123 KB

Document Cameras

.pdf, 415 KB

Superlab Technologies

.pdf, 945 KB

Getting Help

We have Classroom Support Technicians who are available to assist you with the equipment in our teaching spaces.

For assistance with any of our teaching room technologies, please contact our Customer Support Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have an event, can I ask for a technician to help?

Yes, you can ask for a Technician to attend to help you set up and ensure everything is working. To arrange this, please contact the Customer Support Team

Further Resources

Training available:

Teaching Room Technologies Course