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Wednesday 20 March
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You Said, We Did...

The following page contains information about the many projects we have delivered or are delivering in response to feedback from our customers. For more information about IT Services projects, go to our Projects pages.

You said we did archives: 2012 | 2011

You said We did...
You said you wanted more open access computing facilities

An additional 200 open access PCs are available in both the Lord Ashcroft Building (LAB), Cambridge and the Queens Building in Chelmsford, with similar numbers in the Cambridge and Chelmsford University Libraries. Suites of open access PCs are also available at the University Centre Peterborough and Guild House.

We have also installed Windows 7 and Office 2010 on all our open access machines and tripled student storage on the H Drive.

We are also planning to upgrade our current University desktop to Office 2013 and Lync starting later this year.

You said you wanted to work more flexibly

We have provided remote access to our student and staff desktops, providing access standard computing facilities including the H-Drive and Office 2010 from home, work or other off-site location.

You said you wanted an improved Wi-Fi service

We have installed a faster service on our Cambridge campus and provided wider coverage across all our campuses including the University Centre Peterborough.

We launched eduroam to enable our students and staff to use Wi-Fi services in other participating educational institutions, and to provide visitors with easy access to Wi-Fi on campus.

You said you wanted external access to content on the VLE

Site owners can now add regional partners and others to their site(s), to help improve collaboration with our partner colleges.

You said you wanted improved communications

The Anglia Ruskin Mobile App was launched in September 2013 in response to the growing popularity of smartphones and mobile apps.

My.Anglia has a new look and feel to help students better navigate around the pages and find information easily.

Our Get IT Sorted sessions support new students to get their mobile devices set up to use key University services including Wi-Fi (eduroam), student email and Mobile App (including timetabling information).

We are replacing our older video conference units in meeting spaces.

You said you wanted improved classrooms and teaching space

We replace the AV equipment in all our classrooms on a 4 year cycle.

You said you wanted easier access to key services

Due to the growing popularity of 'the cloud' or outsourcing some of our services where it is beneficial to our students and / or staff, we have introduced a full username and short username. However we work with external partners to ensure the format and your password remains consistent.

You said you wanted to print to the open access printers from your laptops
We installed Everyone Print, so that you can do just that. Your printing is charged in the same way as from our previous open access computers. We are also working with Digital Copy Services to provide a new 'print release' service using your Ruskin Card, to help manage print queues at busy periods.
You said you wanted better access to management information (staff)

We are leading the SITS Core Capabilities project. This is a 3 year project to reimplement and enhance our current SITS implementation.


You said We are doing...
You said you wanted modern learning and teaching facilities
New builds: Ongoing

We are continuing to work closely with Estates and Facilities on all new builds including the planned development on Young Street in Cambridge, providing advice, guidance and networking services to ensure that teaching facilities and learning spaces are suitably equipped with modern audio visual and PC equipment.

New desktop (Windows 7 and Office 2010): In progress

Having upgraded all student machines to Windows 7 and Office 2010, we are now progressing with the roll out of the new staff desktop to bring staff in line with students.

You said you wanted easier access to services
Registration improvements: Ongoing

We have enhanced the registration and re-registration processes for students and we are now looking at improving the application process for new students.

Cashless campus: Ongoing

We are working with Estates and Facilities to provide 'cashless' payments across our campuses, using the new ID cards (Ruskin cards) being distributed to students and staff from September 2012.

You said that you would like us to provide better communications
Student IT Resources publication: In progress

We are in the process of producing a new publication to raise awareness of the IT services available to our students including those in partner organisations.


You said We Couldn't Do Because ...

Nothing to report.