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Friday 20 July
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IT Services News

10 July 2018: Student IT Support update to contact details

The IT Services team at Anglia Ruskin University are now offering a new integrated support service for students and staff. Below are the changes that new and returning students need to be aware of.

For help and advice:

  • Call +44 (0)1245 684357
  • Core opening hours 8am 6pm.
  • After 6pm, you will be redirected to our 24/7 support provider.
  • Use the self-service portal at
  • Email at
  • Visit in person via the Helpdesks located in the University Library on the main campuses in Cambridge and Chelmsford.
  • Opening hours 8.30am 6pm, Monday to Friday.

26 June 2018: LinkedIn Learning Event, 6th June 2018

On Wednesday 6 June 2018 we welcomed our Learning account managers to the Chelmsford campus to jointly delivery four sessions on how the LinkedIn Learning product will be evolving within the next year and how the product can best support our Digital Strategy agenda.
For those who missed this event we have recordings of all the individual sessions on the day. During the course of the event we covered 4 main areas of the Learning service.
These can be found by clicking the links below. To access these, users will need to ensure they are using the Internet Explorer web browser. You will also be asked to log in using your Anglia Ruskin Full Username and password.
Each video is approximately 1 hour in duration.
Talk 1 - LinkedIn Learning and Anglia Ruskin University’s Digital Strategy
Talk 2 - an overview and introduction to the service and core benefits
Talk 3 - Improving student resources access – with MARC records integration
Talk 4 - Supporting our people

If you have questions or ideas about the LinkedIn Learning platform please get in touch at; we can help deliver team specific training sessions in the use of the product, explore its applications to support your area of teaching and learning, or work with you and our Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn to provide content mapping.

22 June 2018: Windows 10 and Office 2016 - Upgrade project closure

With our Windows 10-Office 2016 upgrade project drawing to a close, we are happy to report that we have migrated more than 2000 staff and student desktops, nearly 2000 instances of our virtual desktop and nearly 800 laptops.

The new operating system provides major improvements to our operational and digital security and the move to the latest Office products has laid a firm foundation for future improvements to the way in which we all work together and share documents as well as data. This year-long project has involved huge efforts from staff across all areas of our University; we would like to express grateful thanks to everyone who has helped us to achieve such a positive outcome. Your contributions very much appreciated.

With the project nearly finished, we will be removing the quick link promotional tile from my.anglia, but dont worry, you can still access all the Windows 10 and Office 16 Upgrade project information directly from our Windows 10 information and Office 2016 information webpages, which includes links to our staff training sessions and Windows 10 online learning playlist to help you further develop your skills and familiarise yourself with our current solutions.

18 May 2018: Training dates released for Summer/Autumn 2018

We have now released our training dates for Summer/Autumn 2018.
We run a variety of face to face courses to help you get to grips with some of the most commonly used applications at ARU. These include training sessions on ASTRA, Windows 10, Excel 2016 and Outlook 2016.
You can find the full list of training courses available for May through to December 2018 along with details on how to book on our Events information pages.

9 May 2018: Microsoft Imagine Academy Certified courses and exams available

Microsoft Imagine Academy (MIA) offers a suite of online training materials, which specialise in Microsoft certified courses.

This online learning service offers a wide variety on online learning materials, videos, simulations, hands on practice and learning plans, all specifically geared toward Microsoft applications and certification paths. Learners can also their validate skills by following the various certification paths available and completing the required examinations, leading to an industry recognised certification e.g. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification Specialist.

We currently have over 180 people across the ARU Community using MIA, all following different Microsoft certification paths. Its free to all ARU staff and students. Access to MIA is requested by emailing

As part of our agreement with Microsoft, we also have a limited number of certification vouchers for Staff of Anglia Ruskin to undertake Microsoft Exams. These vouchers are for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS - Productivity) and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA Development, Infrastructure and Database) and Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE Learning Design) certifications.

  • For MOS exams you will need to travel to an external test centre in London to undertake your exam and is subject to a 24 administration fee per exam payable to the test centre.

If you feel that you are ready to take a Microsoft exam, please get in touch with IT Training who can help advise you on your next steps to certification.

30 April 2018: LinkedIn Learning Event - Supporting students and staff as part of the Digital Strategy Event

On Wednesday 6 June, our Customer Relationship Managers from LinkedIn will be visiting the Chelmsford campus. We will be inviting key staff in particular areas of ARU to participate on the day (especially for the sessions relevant) to discuss how the LinkedIn Learning platform can support our Digital Strategy and the upcoming evolution of the current service to LinkedIn Learning, which will take form later in 2018 and how we can make the most of our relationship and investment with LinkedIn. We have over 6,400 active student and staff users at the University, and a licence that covers all students and staff in the ARU community. Weve been using, promoting and embedding this tool within our community for over 4 years, and have recently extended our licence to ensure this tool can support teaching, learning and development until at least early 2021.

There will be four key sessions on the day, which are geared towards Senior Management as well as other staff in particular areas of specialism.

10am Session 1 - LinkedIn Learning and Anglia Ruskin Universitys Digital Strategy Supporting Teaching & Learning

11:30am Session 2 an overview and introduction to the service and core benefits

12.30pm - Lunch and networking opportunity

1.30pm Session 3 - Improving student resources access with MARC records integration

2.30pm Session 4 - Supporting our people Student, Staff & Alumni Employability and Personal Development enhancement

For full session details and to book, please see events on the ITS Events page.

12 February 2018: 4 years strong

We have now published our latest Lynda infographic for January 2018. In January 2014 we piloted a trial use of, and since welcoming all staff and student users from September 2014, member numbers have continued to grow and we currently have 5894 active users who have viewed over 311,864 videos, all watched from 4377 unique courses. We archive student and staff leavers, so this active base is a really encouraging sign of how well used the online learning platform is.

As well as promoting at student and staff events we also create playlists that are regularly used to support projects such as Windows 10 and Canvas. If you would like to learn more about for your own usage, or understand Playlists and Groups further to support the students you teach, please get in touch with the IT Training team. We can put on custom training sessions for groups of staff.

To see our current infographic for, check out and to access go to

06 February 2018: Welcome talks for SCI106 in the Science Centre, Cambridge

For all those who are due to start delivering teaching, are based in the SCI building or would like to know more about the equipment in lab space SCI106 in the Science centre you are invited to a number of welcome talks below. This course is aimed at those who would like an overview of the touch panel, projectors, and the interactive boards facilities in some of our 300+ teaching spaces, as well as the roaming microphones in the SCI106 room. The session should last around 1 hour.

This session is based on our regular Teaching Room Technologies course delivered jointly by Jason Williams, Anglia Learning and Teaching and Sarah Gyles, IT Services. If you cannot make one of the sessions specifically for SCI106 you can register for any of the TRT courses that are currently listed until end-June 2018. Please let us know that you were interested in the SCI106 sessions and we will additionally discuss the roaming microphone set up in the session you have registered for. For all times dates and events of SCI106 sessions and all TRT courses, please see our ITS Events Page.

If you would just like to refresh your memory on the touch panel screens and the new microphone instructions, we shortly have copies of the .PDFS for Superlabs SCI 106 and the microphones on our Classroom Technologies page. We will also print and laminate a copy for the SCI106 room.

Dates specifically for SCI106 include:

  • Friday 23 February 10am 11am
  • Friday 23 February 1pm 2pm
  • Monday 26 February 10am 11am
  • Monday 26 February 1pm 2pm
  • Wednesday 2 May 12.30pm 1.30pm

For the four members of teaching staff who may need to use the room before the above dates, please get in touch with my colleague Matt Hall directly at arrange a one-to-one session.

15 January 2018: All Staff Most staff desktops have been upgraded to Windows 10 and Office 2016!

All Chelmsford, Cambridge and Peterborough thin clients are now using Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016. For some this has meant dual login options if they are Agresso desktop client users. Many Professional Services and Faculties have also started the upgrades of their thick client PCs/laptops and this will continue throughout Spring 2018.

If you are yet to upgrade:

  • If you have a desktop PC: all Faculties and Professional Services have a nominated Co-ordinator who has advised us of the best time to upgrade your computer. There are a few steps you will need to complete before upgrading: please read #thick.
  • If you have a laptop: please read #laptop.

Before upgrading, please ensure that you have read the FAQs on the project information page We are running project information sessions, Windows 10 training courses, and updated courses on Outlook and Excel. Our course dates and times can be found at

If you use the Agresso desktop client software (rather than the web-based version for booking courses and submitting expenses) you will need to read some specific information. #agresso.

03 January 2018: Information Security Awareness month round-up

In December 2017 we released our Information Security themed Advent calendar. During the month we also ran our Information Security Awareness competition which encouraged staff to improve their cyber-security knowledge by completing three online training courses, Information Security Awareness course from our HR Online Learn Upon portal and Cybersecurity Awareness and Avoid Phishing Scams from

We would like to congratulate Sheryl Kemp from Student Services who completed all three courses and was drawn from our raffle as the winner of our Cyber Securities competition. Sheryl takes away a bundle of £75.00 of vouchers, mouse mat and notebook, two webcam covers and some snazzy access control socks amongst other goodies.

Dont worry if you missed our calendar this time, its still available for you to view at throughout the year.

12 December 2017: Information Security Awareness Training - New HR Online course

As technology changes, it is increasingly important to keep the data we use and the information that we access secure.

We have recently launched a new online Information Security Awareness course, available to all staff from the HR Online Learn Upon portal. It is self-paced, lasting roughly 90 -110 minutes, and will help you to develop a broad understanding of the issues of information security. Originally developed by a consortium of five Universities, led by the University of Leicester, in conjunction with Leo Learning Technologies, it won the UCISA-Eduserv Award for Excellence 2011.

Information Security Awareness is one of three information and data security courses that we are offering to staff as part of our regular IT training and development programme . If you complete all three before 19 December you can enter our prize draw for a chance to win 75.00 of Amazon vouchers. More details are available at

30 November 2017: Staff and student address lists

In order to simplify access to staff information and improve the security of our communications, we have removed student contact information from the default directory in Microsoft Outlook.  As a result, your Global Address List, which most staff have as their default address list, now only contain details for staff accounts, staff shared mailboxes and resources such as rooms.

We are particularly seeking to avoid the risk of staff inadvertently including student e-mail addresses in electronic communications.

Student email addresses can still be accessed via clicking the To, Cc and Bcc buttons when in a new email and selecting the Address Book drop down menu.

See our Office webpages for further guidance and information.

19 October 2017: New Desktop phone recently? Mitel 5330e Handset information

We have started introducing hundreds of new Mitel 5330e handsets for staff across the faculty of Science and Technology.

If you are in one of the applicable buildings and have either received, or know you are going to be receiving a new handset, please familiarise yourself with your phones features and functions by viewing the online handset guides which offer all the information you need to get started with your new handset.

Instructions such as how to log in and out of your handset as well as how to access your voicemail can be found on our Telephony information page.

17 October 2017: MATLAB now available for all staff and students

Anglia Ruskin University has purchased a Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license with Mathworks for the provision of a MATLAB campus-wide Licence. The TAH license allows campus-wide access on university-owned computers to all faculty, staff and students.

University staff and students are also able to install MathWorks software on their personally-owned computers.

MATLAB, which is produced and provided by Mathworks is most commonly used for the data analytics and visualisation of big data sets, machine learning and production analytics. This tool is a popular quantitative data analysis tool, and although heavily used by those in the Faculty of Science and Technology, through the efforts of the Faculty of Science and Technologys technical team, we have now been able to secure a campus wide licence as well as an annual license to all online training materials and content.

For more information and instructions on getting access on campus and personal devices please visit

27 July 2017: Teaching Room Technologies! to support the Windows 10 and Office 2016 upgrade

We have now released additional training sessions for academics on the use of classroom technology equipment, this is in order to support the Windows 10 and Office 2016 desktop upgrade project that will be going on over the summer as well as to introduce new academics and refresh current teaching staff in the features and functions of a typical teaching space.

Join Jason Williams, Anglia Learning and Teaching and Sarah Gyles, IT Services to discuss what needs to be considered during content delivery design? What do you find when you arrive in a classroom? How can you incorporate some of the interactive technologies to engage students and how do you go about getting started?

Learning Outcomes:

  1. A brief introduction to the new Windows 10 and office 2016 environment.
  2. An understanding of what to consider before you arrive
  3. Competent in the use of the typical room technologies
  4. Raised awareness of systems and tools beyond the classroom
  5. How to resolve the most frequently asked questions
  6. How to get in touch with the right support as required
  7. How to increase student engagement in the classroom
  8. How make your teaching accessible

All dates throughout August 2017- December 2017 can be found on the ITS Events page - Teaching Room Technologies listings.

For more information on the Desktop refresh project, please see our Project Information page on the ITS website.

13 July 2017: IT Services Roadshow! Staff Ask IT Sessions

The Customer Support Team are piloting an IT services roadshow throughout Summer and Autumn 2017. We will be coming to lobbies and reception areas throughout the Chelmsford campus to bring IT support directly to your offices!

The kind of things you can ask us about:

  • Getting Wi-Fi on your devices
  • Archiving and searching emails
  • Registering for Password Manager
  • Getting headsets for online learning
  • Classroom technologies
  • ...or anything else!

The currently upcoming scheduled dates are:

  • Monday 17 July, Marconi, 11am 1.30pm
  • Monday 7 August, Tindal, 11am 1.30pm
  • Monday 9 October, Ashby House, 11am 1.30pm
  • Monday 13 November, Michael Salmon, 11am 1.30pm
  • Monday 11 December, William Harvey, 11am 1.30pm

So come along, wed love to meet in person many of the people we help on a daily basis. For more information and dates follow us on twitter @aru_itsnews

10 July 2017: Desktop Upgrade project - information for staff

What are we doing?

Were planning major enhancements to our student and staff desktop environments this summer, when we will upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 2016.

Weve been working closely with coordinators from each of our Faculties and Professional Services to collect inventory data and confirm software compatibility. Well release our first trial version to volunteers in July.

Along with the work on Windows 10 were preparing a new email environment, based around Microsoft Exchange 2016 and an improved email archive environment, which will be released at the same time as our new desktop.

When will it happen?

We will begin pilots for the new desktops in July 2017. The new desktop available in our student open access areas, on lecterns and in some staff areas by early September. Upgrades to staff computers will continue throughout the new academic year and we will finish by the end of May 2018.

What we need from you in the meantime

  • You will need to move your files to your H: drive before the upgrade begins. We can provide additional space if your data requirements exceed 4GB of storage. Instructions for migrating data and your user profile information can be found here.
  • You will need to tell your faculty co-ordinator about any locally installed or specialist applications that run on your machine. You must check that this software is compatible with Windows 10 and Office 16. We will assist with the installation of a Windows 10 compatible version, post-upgrade, if an appropriate licence is available.

Learn about Office and Windows 10

We have a number of courses you can attend to learn more about the Office 2016 and Windows 10 project, or more specifically about Outlook 2016 and Excel 2016. As well as our recommended Office 2016 playlist.

For teaching staff, we highly recommend that you attend the Teaching Room Technologies session to learn about the Office 2016 and Windows 10 upgrades in teaching spaces.

How do I find out more?

We will provide regular progress updates on our Windows 10 and Office 16 project page. You can also contact Alec Coleman, our project manager at for more information.

28 March 2017: Top 10 Things to know about ASTRA

The Top 10 Things to know about ASTRA has been updated. This update includes:

  1. What is ASTRA?
  2. ASTRA Jargon Buster
  3. Academic Model
  4. Emailing from ASTRA
  5. ASTRA Upgrade
  6. e:Vision Videos
  7. Export to Clipboard
  8. Retrieve Templates
  9. LinkIt
  10. Further Resources

We have also added new dates for the Emailing from ASTRA training sessions, these are:

  • Wednesday 26 April 2017, Cambridge
  • Tuesday 2 May 2017, Peterborough
  • Tuesday 9 May 2017, Chelmsford
  • Tuesday 6 June 2017, Cambridge

To book your place, please visit IT Services Events.

For system and project news and announcements follow us on Twitter at @aru_ITSNews

21 March 2017: Desktop Upgrade Project

What are we doing?

Were planning major enhancement to our student and staff desktop environments this summer when we will upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 2016. Although there have been significant changes to back-office services over the last couple of years, this will be the most visible improvement to our desktop experience since 2014.

We will be working closely with nominated coordinators from each of our Faculties and Professional Services, to help ensure that the work go as smoothly as possible.

Maintaining an up to date desktop environment that matches personal experience at home, at work and across the Higher Education community is an essential part of meeting the expectations of students and staff.

We are also preparing to migrate our staff email system to Microsoft Exchange 2016 during the summer. You wont see any immediate changes to your experience after the work is complete, but it further prepares us to begin moving staff services to the cloud as we have already done with our student Office 365 service.

When will it happen?

We begin pilots for the new desktop after Easter. Assuming that there are no issues, we will make the new desktop available in our student open access areas, on lecterns and in some staff areas before the end of August. The upgrades to staff computers will continue into the 2017-2018 academic year; we aim to finish by the end of May 2018.

How do I find out more?

We will be regularly updating information about the improvements and upgrade schedule on our project page over the coming months. You can also contact Alec Coleman, our project manager who is running the project, at for more information.

08 March 2017: Paying Your Fees Through e:Vision

The Paying Your Fees through e:Vision video on MyPlayer has now been updated.

To find out how to pay your fees through e:Vision, please follow the link below to watch the video.

Paying Your Fees Through e:Vision

20 February 2017: New IT Training Course - Emailing from ASTRA

Following a series of successful pilot sessions, the new Emailing from ASTRA training session is now available.

This 2 hour session will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to email groups of students directly from ASTRA. Delegates will also explore how to find any emails sent to students via ASTRA and how to identify emails that have failed to send. They will also explore techniques on how to extract email address lists.

In order to attend these sessions, you must first complete the Introduction to ASTRA course. To view dates and book onto the new course please see the ITS events page.

3 February 2017: Remote Desktop Log Off Reminder

In order to ensure the Remote Desktop service is working effectively for all students and staff, please can you remember to disconnect fully at the end of your session.

Just like a desktop PC, you must select Start > Log Off.

Although it is tempting to just close your Remote Desktop session using the X button at the top of the Remote Desktop, this only closes the window. You are still logged on.

At peak work times, inactive sessions can slow the service for others and may prevent someone else from logging in for up to 40 minutes.

During peak work times, this can mean there are many users that are connected but inactive, leading to a slower service for others.

Please ensure you are logged out correctly at the end of your session.

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