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Friday 23 February
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Who we are

Dieter Kraftner, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Dieter Kraftner - Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Helen Pamment - PA to Dieter Kraftner - To get in touch please contact

Located in Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough, we provide IT services and classroom support to over 30,000 students and staff across our main campuses and partnerships. We provide and maintain many of the IT services that you will use while studying or working at Anglia Ruskin University.

Our responsibilities include the design, delivery, support and maintenance of IT systems used across the University, including e:Vision, My.Anglia, the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), the Learning Management System (LMS) and Timetabling. Provisioning the IT and audio-visual equipment used in classrooms and lecture theatres. We are also responsible for providing the computers used in the student open access areas and second line student IT support.

Our remit covers:

  • Staff IT and classroom audiovisual support
  • IT and media projects
  • IT infrastructure, policies and standards
  • IT equipment and media loans
  • IT access for partners
  • Escalated student IT issues (second line support)
  • Ensuring availability of our live systems including e:Vision, My.Anglia and SITS

First line student IT support is delivered by the University Library Student IT Helpdesk. Specialist labs and equipment are supported by Faculty Technicians.

Our IT and media strategies support our University's commitment to providing the best possible experience for all our students. Whether we are providing frontline support or helping our Faculties and Service deliver excellent support to our students, 'the student experience' is at the core of our activities.


The IT Services Administration Office caters for all the administrative needs of IT Services and is the main contact point for software licensing and computer maintenance enquiries University-wide.

For more information, please contact Alison Jasper (Resources Manager) at

Customer Feedback

We welcome feedback on our services from all our customers. Your feedback will help shape IT services in the future.

For staff IT support and queries contact our Customer Support Team on (+44) 0845 196 4357 or by email at

Our groups

Click on the department names below to find out more information about us.

Architecture and Development

Dieter Kraftner, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Dieter Kraftner - Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Helen Pamment - PA to Dieter Kraftner - To get in touch please contact

There are two teams:

  • The Development team is managed by Steve Arnott. We build applications for students and staff. We help to integrate other systems into our environment.
  • The Information Management team is managed by David Shelley. We process data into information and knowledge. We manage systems like ASTRA and Qlikview.

How we work:
Our Business Relationship Managers in the Support Group provide a key interface into IT Services by being the first point of contact for new customer requirements. Our team of experienced Project Managers in the Media and Projects Group oversee the delivery of major new developments and ensure that our stakeholders are fully consulted.

Information about our current major projects can be found on our Project Office pages.

We also ensure that new IT developments are aligned with our IT strategy, and will meet current and future demands.  One important aspect of our work is designing the IT standards and principles that govern our use of IT.

Customer Support Group

Joe McIntyre Assistant Director Customer Support - IT Services

Joe McIntyre - Assistant Director, Support

The Customer Support Group is broken down into the following teams:

  • The Customer Support team is managed by Glenn Hearnah, Sarah Latham, Catherine Mason and Pejman Ghasemzadeh. We are your first point of contact for all staff IT support enquiries or issues, including access to systems and classroom AV technology.
  • The Business Relationship Managers are your first point of contact for new customer requirements
  • The Infrastructure team is managed by Rob Spalding. We maintain the servers and networks that you use every day.
  • The Architecture team is managed by Roy Slocombe. We develop the designs and standards for our IT solutions and systems.
  • The IT Training team is managed by Vix Samways. We educate our users so you get the most from systems and software.

How we work:

We are based on the East Road Cambridge, Chelmsford Rivermead and Peterborough sites. When we can resolve an incident ourselves, we will do so.

We are a point of escalation for student queries in circumstances where the issue cannot be resolved by the help desks in the University Library.

When we cannot solve an issue ourselves - because the answer requires specialist knowledge, skills or access rights - we act as your IT representative; managing the issue and ensuring that a fix is found as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The IT and classroom support section will provide you with all the information you need to help yourself, or receive assistance from the Customer Support Team.

The Business Relationship Managers section will provide you with the contact details for someone who can represent you and your faculty interests for future developments.

The IT Training Team publish IT Services News, events information and course information online as well as support online training portals like and Microsoft Imagine Academy.

Media and Projects Group

Julian Luttrell - Assistant Director: Media

Julian Luttrell - Assistant Director, Media

Our Media and Projects Group is responsible for developing media technology, operating and supporting media production facilities, and running the project office.

We are divided into three teams:

  • The Media Loans Team is managed by Sean Thornton. We operate studios, production workstations, and loan of media production equipment.
  • The Project Office is managed by Mandy Goss. We facilitate the delivery of IT Projects across the organisation by proactively managing change to a consistent standard and quality.
  • The Media Projects Team is managed by Adrian Brett and Matt Hall. We make media systems for students and staff.

Classroom support is provided by our Customer Support Team.

Media facilities available to students and staff include:

  • Studios for TV, video, and photography Cambridge
  • Media production workstations Cambridge
  • Loan of media equipment Cambridge and Chelmsford
  • Classroom AV in teaching rooms all campuses
  • Digital signage services all campuses