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Tuesday 18 June
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Police Registration

The condition to register with the police is given to people of certain nationalities, who come to the UK for more than six months.  You should check the list of countries whose nationals need to register in Appendix 2 of the Immigration Rules.

If you are required to register, the condition will be printed on your vignette or biometric residence permit (BRP).  There is a registration fee of £34. You will need to take your passport and two passport photos with you. Upon registration, you will receive a Police Registration Certificate. [For Cambridge and Chelmsford students, please contact us to book an appointment with the police].

You must register within seven days of arriving in the UK. If you are required to collect a BRP after arriving in the UK, you must register within seven days of arriving.  If you register with the police before you have collected your BRP you should check with the police whether you will need to register again once you have your BRP.

You will need to update the police within seven days if you change address, extend your Tier 4 leave, change college or university, renew your passport, get married, or if any of the other details on your Police Registration Certificate change.
If you fail to comply with a condition to register with the police or to notify them of changes, your future immigration applications may be refused and/or you may be removed from the UK. You might be also barred from returning to the UK.


  1. If the Police Registration condition is stated on your 30 day visa sticker/vignette in your passport but is missing from the BRP card issued, please contact us immediately to get this corrected.
  2. If you have the police registration condition in your visa but your nationality is not listed in Appendix 2 of the Immigration Rules; or if your nationality is listed in Appendix 2 of the Immigration Rules, and you have come to the UK for six months or more, but you do not have the police registration condition, please contact us immediately for advice.

(Page updated March 2016)