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Wednesday 26 June
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Health Entitlements

The main provision for health care in the UK is the National Health Service (NHS), which runs most of the UK’s hospitals and doctors’ surgeries.

With certain exceptions, NHS services are generally free of charge. If you are in one of the categories below, you should be able to receive free NHS treatment:

  • European Economic Area (EEA) students who possess an EHIC card
  • Tier 4 (Student) visa holders (Tier 4 visa applicants currently pay an Immigration Health Surcharge on applying for their visas, which is designed to cover access to the NHS)

Students in other circumstances (ie. Short Term Study Visa holders, EEA nationals without EHIC cards) are not entitled to free NHS provision, and may be charged for any NHS treatment they receive.

If you are not entitled to NHS treatment, we strongly recommend you take out your own medical insurance cover.  Further information is available here.  Even if you are entitled to free NHS treatment, it is worth considering taking out your own medical insurance, as the NHS will not cover all treatments.

Please read the information published by UKCISA for further useful advice on health entitlements.

Registering with the on-campus Medical Centre

It is highly recommended that you register with the Medical Centre on campus or at a local doctor’s surgery close to where you live as soon as possible after you arrive. The medical centres are located at:
Cambridge Campus: MUM 101 open 0900-1300, 1400-1700 (1600 on Fridays)
Chelmsford Campus: Rivermead Gate Medical Centre, 1st floor Rivermead Gate (next to the SPAR shop on the Student Village) Tel 01245 348688.

Please see also UKCISA's useful guidance on 'Culture Shock', which can affect international students acclimatising to new surroundings in a new country.

(Page updated July 2017)