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Wednesday 26 June
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Leaving Anglia Ruskin University

Once you have finished your course:

  • Your results will appear on E-Vision.
  • If you have passed all your modules, your award will be confirmed at a meeting of the Anglia Ruskin University Awards Board.  The Awards Board consists of university staff only – you need not attend this meeting.  Please note that your results are provisional until the Awards Board has officially confirmed your award.
  • After the Awards Board meeting, if you have been successfully granted your award, your transcript of results will be sent to you at your home address as you have recorded it on E-Vision.
  • Information about the Graduation ceremony will also be posted to your home address as recorded on E-Vision.  It is not compulsory to attend the Graduation ceremony. Information about the Anglia Ruskin graduation ceremony is also available at:

Your student visa:

  • If you were studying in the UK on a Student Visa, you should ensure you leave the UK before your visa expires.
  • Once your course has finished and you have left the UK, you should not attempt to re-enter the UK using your student visa. This is because your course has finished and you may be prevented from re-entering the UK by immigration staff.
  • If you plan to return to the UK for the graduation ceremony, you should apply for a Standard Visitor Visa. More information about applying for a visitor visa is available at:

Before you leave Anglia Ruskin University:

  • Make sure your home address and contact details are up to date on E-Vision, so your transcript and certificate are sent to you at the correct address.
  • Ensure you have paid all tuition fees, rent, library charges etc to Anglia Ruskin before you leave.  If you have any debts outstanding to our university, Anglia Ruskin will be not be able to release your transcript, certificate or any confirmation of your result.

Tips for a smooth departure:

  • Plan your journey home as early as possible.  This will enable you to prepare more thoroughly and reduce your travel costs.
  • Consider how you plan to send your belongings home.  You may want to use a courier company to transport items rather than taking everything with you as luggage.
  • Make sure you pay all your bills and overdrafts etc before leaving the UK.  Many banks have agreements with overseas banks whereby they can recoup unpaid debts.
  • Consider using Royal Mail’s Postal Redirection Service to forward any mail to a trusted friend or contact in the UK.
  • Consider recycling your bicycle using "Bike Harvest". Search for "Cambridge Bike Harvest" for more information.
  • Be aware of the possibility of experiencing ‘Reverse Culture Shock’ when you arrive back in your home country.  More information on the UKCISA Infosheet below.

More useful information and tips for a smooth conclusion to your studies in the UK are provided by UKCISA (The UK Council for International Student Affairs) on the webpage here:


(Page updated April 2019)