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Friday 24 May
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Pensions Automatic Enrolment

What is it and what does this mean to me…

The government announced that it wanted to encourage the UK population to save for their retirement and did this by implementing new Pension legislation (The Pensions Act 2008). This introduced a duty on every employer to automatically enrol all employees into a pension scheme (subject to them meeting certain eligibility criteria). All of our Pension schemes are designated as automatic enrolment (AE) pension schemes and you will be automatically enrolled into the relevant scheme for your role.

If you do decide to opt-out of a pension scheme, you may find that you will be re-enrolled back in. This is because the legislation requires employers to automatically re-enrol employees every three years or you may find you are re-enrolled if you hit a trigger for increased in earnings that will require us by law to enrol you back in to a pension scheme. As a result this will require you to complete an opt-out from again if this is your preference. As the government want to encourage you to save it is a legal requirement that you complete an opt-out form for your relevant scheme and that it is dated after you have been re-enrolled back into a pension scheme. Each pension scheme has their own rules and forms for opting-out and you will have to visit the relevant pension scheme for details.

What age can I retire?

If you wish to check your current retirement age you can find out from check your state pension age

How much will my state pension be?

If you wish to check your current state pension forecast visit check your state pension to find out or alternatively you can sign up for an on-line personal tax account where you can view this forecast along with any Lifetime Allowance protection that you have on your pension savings

How do I check my tax code and why has it changed?

A personal tax account with will also show you all previous years National Insurance Contributions along with the ability to repay any missed contributions, see your pension forecast, see your tax code, current and previous employments, taxable pay details, as well as interact with HMRC on Tax matters through a secure email system. If you use this system you will also be notified by text and/or email, prompting you to log in and see changes to your tax code and annual earnings forecast. It gives you the opportunity to address any issues immediately directly with HMRC.

What is my current pension contribution rate?

Please see the pension contribution rates for all schemes:

What is the Annual Allowance – this is the amount of money that you pay in to your pension savings before tax will be payable. HMRC determine the rate each year and announce this with the budget. Your Pension provider can provide you with your personal information.

What is the Lifetime Allowance – this is the same as the annual allowance but over the lifetime of your pension savings and if your pension pot exceeds the HMRC published Lifetime Allowance then you will be liable to pay tax. You can contact your pension provider to find out how much of your lifetime allowance that you have used.

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Last updated 25/03/2019