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Sunday 22 April
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Example timetables

Example timetables are available for new first year students starting in September 2016 or January/March 2017 on our Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough campuses. This information will give you an idea of what your timetable may look like, but it is just a guide. It is important that you follow your own personal e:Vision timetable which will be available within 5 working days of registering.

Once you have clicked on the link :

  • Select "Example students"
  • Select your "Faculty" and "Department", then click "Search"
  • Scroll through the sample timetables and find your course
  • Select weeks - you can either view a whole teaching period or an individual week of teaching.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I see an example timetable for the whole year?

Yes. You can filter to look at a particular teaching period, e.g. a semester or trimester. You can also look through your timetable week by week. You will find this more suitable if you are taking a course such as nursing because what you are doing each week will vary.


Will my personal timetable look the same as the sample?

Not necessarily, each module usually has more than one practical/seminar/workshop time.


Can I follow this example timetable?

No, its important that you follow your personal timetable to ensure you attend the correct practical/seminar/workshop and your attendance is monitored.


Which days/times can I expect to have classes?

Full-time students can expect to have classes up to 5 days a week. Classes will usually take place between 09.00 - 18.00, a few courses have classes until 21.00.


I need to plan work/childcare arrangements, what can I do?

Each year's timetable is published on the last Thursday in July. Once the timetable is available you will be able to see when you need to attend classes. You can then make arrangements for work/childcare around your studies. Some Faculties/Departments allow time changes to help you adjust your timetable to suit you. Time changes are processed on a first come, first served basis, we recommend that you make requests as early in the year as possible.


My timetable looks a bit confusing, why?

Our link allows you to look at your timetable a semester/trimester at a time, or week by week. Some courses have the same classes each week, so a semester/trimester view is very clear, others vary. If your timetable looks unclear, try looking through it week by week instead.


What are my course dates?

We have a guide available which explains e:Vision teaching week numbers. This is gives the dates for courses which run on a Semester/Trimester basis. Courses with a placement element such as nursing, paramedic studies or work based learning courses, will have different teaching and vacation weeks. This document does not cover these. Please refer to your Faculty for further guidance in this case. Our document is a guide for Timetabling puroses only. Please check the official academic calendar for an overview of all your important dates throughout the year.