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Friday 20 July
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Module Planning

To view which compulsory and optional modules are available as part of your course, visit the module catalogue. You will be automatically enrolled onto compulsory modules. If you have any optional choices, you need to participate in module planning each year.


What should I do if I missed making my optional choices for the coming year (2018/19)?

If you just need to confirm which optional modules you would like to take, please contact Timetabling directly and we will add these to your record for you. If you are not following the standard route for your course due to resits/intermission etc you may need to contact your Faculty for academic advice. Your Faculty will then tell Timetabling if your student record needs updating. If you don't make a choices you will be put onto default options. Any late requests will be processed within 5 working days after reaching Timetabling.


I've just started, do I need to make choices for this year?

If you have started your course in September it is likely that your timetable is compulsory and you do not need to make any choices. However, there are a small number of courses that require choice in the second semester or second/third trimester of the first year. If this affects you, you will need to make your choices in e:Vision between 15 - 22 October 2018.

To check if you have optional choices to make, please look up your course in the module catalogue. The Timetabling team will automatically enrol you on any compulsory modules you have to take, but if you have a selection of optional modules available to you, you will need to make a selection. You will need to submit your choices in e:Vision between 15 - 22 October 2018.

If you have any problems accessing online module selection in e:Vision please contact us.


Making choices for next year - 2019/20

If you are continuing your studies into the next academic year will need to check whether you need to make module selections. The 2018/19 catalogue will be made available in early February 2019. You will be contacted via email and invited to select your optional modules online during module planning weeks if your course includes optional choices. There is advice available at choose my modules about how to make your selections online.

  • Module Planning Weeks will be in weeks 5 & 6 (of Semester and Trimester 2)
  • You will be able to enter your selections online between 09.00 Monday 25 February 2019 and 13.00 on Thursday 7 March 2019.


What do I do if I can't choose online?

A minority of students will find they cannot access the online e:Vision task. This can happen if you are taking a course out of sync, have resits, the course content is changing, or if there is a problem with your registration. You can still submit choices manually, please just contact Timetabling.


I am finishing a Foundation Degree this year, and hope to progress to a BA/BSc next year, can I make my choices now?

You won't be able to make choices online. This is because you will get a new student record for a BA/BSc if you decide to continue your studies. This will only be set up once your results are confirmed and you have completed the Admissions process. Please contact your Faculty Student Adviser if you wish to make your module selections now so that they are ready for us to timetable once you are registered for your new course.

Please note that timetabling information for next year will be available from 26 July 2018. You may not get a personal timetable until August 2018 as we cannot schedule your timetable until your new student record is available.


What happens if I don't make my choices?

If you don't make any choices, you will be automatically enrolled onto default choices selected by your department.


What should I do if I change my mind?

Once you have completed the e:Vision module planning task (or been added to default choices), it is not possible to change your selections online. You can request straight forward optional module swaps directly with Timetabling. Please note the deadlines for making changes.