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Saturday 21 April
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ISO 14001

At Anglia Ruskin University we use an environmental management system to ensure we comply with environmental law and continually improve our environmental performance. Our environmental management system is independently certified to the international standard ISO 14001. Below are the key elements of our environmental management system.

Environmental policy

This presents our environmental commitments and provides the framework for all environmental management activity that happens at Anglia Ruskin.

System Overview & Scope

This describes the main components of our environmental management system, how they relate to the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 standard and interact with each other, and the scope of our activities that it covers.

Environmental strategy

This details the environmental objectives and targets we need to achieve in order to fulfil our environmental policy commitments, and the programme of actions we need to deliver to do this.

Responsibilities matrix

This sets out who is responsible for all the different elements of our ISO 14001 environmental management system.

Communications framework

This describes how we will communicate with and engage our staff, students and others in our environmental agenda.

Register of Environmental Management System Contextual Issues

This identifies all the internal and external issues which may affect our ability to achieve our environmental goals, their associated risks and opportunities, and management actions.

Register of Environmental Management System Interested Parties

This identifies internal and external parties who may affect, or be affected by, our environmental performance, their needs and expectations, and any associated compliance obligations.

Register of environmental aspects & impacts

This identifies all the environmental impacts that result from the activities of Anglia Ruskin University, both positive and negative, and prioritises them for improvement action.

Register of environmental compliance obligations

This identifies all the legal and other requirements that Anglia Ruskin University needs to comply with, how this is ensured and who is responsible.

Register of environmental incidents, non-conformances & communications

Anyone can report an environmental incident, such as a fuel spill in our car park, by contacting Facilities Helpdesk on 6464, or submit a suggestion to improve our environmental performance. During our programme of environmental audits of faculties and services, activities can be identified which contravene our own policies and procedures (called non-conformances), or less serious observations, or opportunities for improvement. We also occasionally receive correspondence from external parties regarding environmental matters. We keep track of these incidents, non-conformances and communications to ensure they are followed up using our online facilities management system called Concept. To report an environmental incident or improvement suggestion please visit estates online.

Emergency preparedness

As well as endangering human life and property incidents and emergencies can lead to environmental impacts. Spills of chemicals solvents or oil on our campuses are often easily contained and our work instructions provide guidance on how these can be avoided or managed if they occur. Larger emergencies such as a building fire or explosion can have significant environmental impacts and will be managed in the same way as any other emergency. The risk management website provides details of how these risks are minimised or what to do in the event of their occurrence.