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Wednesday 21 March
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Foundation Degrees

This webpage is our newest addition to our Curriculum Website, created as a one-stop shop for academic staff to obtain useful information and documentation to help them in their line of work.

There are four modules which are now no longer compulsory (as of 12th January 2009). They are as follows:

Level 1
Learning and Skills Development for HE and Work (15 credits)
Understanding the Work Sector (15 credits)
Work Based Learning 1 (15 credits)

Level 2
Work Based Learning 2 (30 credits)

These modules may still be used but can be modified to your subject / work based learning area. In some cases you will want to replace them with new modules. This is fine, but approval panels will wish to be assured that the QAA benchmarks are achieved within the Foundation Degree.

Please do contact us should you feel there is anything else we could include on this page, relevant to Foundation Degrees.

Foundation Degree Event 5th March 2010

Thank you to all those who took part in our Foundation Degree Event which was held in Chelmsford on 5th March 2010.


fdf Presentation by Margaret Seiffert

Presentation by Peter Crabtree

Presentation by Marian Redding

Minutes of Foundation Degrees Event 5th March 2010


Foundation Degree Event 10th February 2009

Thank you to all those who took part in our Foundation Degree Event which was held in Cambridge on 10th February 2009. This was a very productive day and we have received many positive comments in response to this event. Unfortunately the weather made it difficult for many to attend, but documentation from this event can be found below:


Welcome from Marian Redding

National Progress on Foundation Degrees
- Derek Longhurst, Chief Executive, Foundation Degree Forward

“What is work-based learning? Lessons from the uniformed public services”
- Presented by Emma Brett

"Structure, content and context – the organisation, the University and WBL"
- Presented by John Brady

“The role of Foundation Degrees in achieving our Mission”
- Lesley Dobree, Deputy Vice Chancellor

Changes to Foundation Degrees at Anglia Ruskin University
- Marian Redding & Tim Williams

Increasing student numbers within the workplace
- Bob Bell, fdf

The Foundation Degree Quiz and Answer Sheets.


Useful Documentation

Foundation Degrees: Generic MDF templates for contextualisation

QAA: Foundation Degree Qualification Benchmark

Foundation Degrees Forward: October Newsletter




PSF's - to follow


Foundation Degrees Minutes of Meetings

November 2008


Useful Websites

Foundation Degrees Forward (fdf)

Quality Assurance Agency