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Friday 19 October
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The Academic Calendar


Key Dates for the Academic Year including Teaching, Examinations and Vacations

Anglia Ruskin University's Academic Calendar contains information on all the key dates you need for the academic year, including teaching weeks, examination periods and vacations for all taught provision. Calendars are published on this page for academic year:


Provisional dates for the 2019/20 and 2020/21 academic years are also provided below

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Please note: the calendar information provided on this page is for delivery of courses at Anglia Ruskin's main campuses in Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House), London, our Associate Colleges throughout the UK (except Arden University and Globe Education Services). Teaching dates and examination periods for our overseas Associate Colleges broadly match those used in the UK but small local variations have been agreed on occasion to accommodate, for example, different public holidays in different jurisdictions. Exact details are provided to students in their Student Handbooks.


Provisional dates for the 2019/20 and 2020/21 academic years are provided below for information.

From 2019/20, Angia Ruskin's academic calendar model will change and move to a TRIMESTER only system.

Courses will continue to be taught on either a two-Trimester a year or a three-Trimester a year basis, as at present. We will simply no longer use the expression 'Semester'.

The dates are PROVISIONAL and will be confirmed on this website one year in advance of the start of the appropriate calendar.

2019/20 Academic Year (provisional; will be confirmed in September 2018)

Trimester 1 Teaching (11+1 weeks): 23rd September - 13th December 2019; Examinations: 16th - 20th December 2019

[Welcome Week: 16th - 20th September 2019]

Trimester 2 Teaching (11+1 weeks): 20th January - 24th April 2020; Examinations: 27th April - 13th May 2020

[Welcome Week: 13th - 17th January 2020]

Trimester 3 Teaching (11+1 weeks): 11th May - 31st July 2020; Examinations: 3rd - 7th August 2020

[Welcome Week: 4th - 8th May 2020]

2020/21 Academic Year (provisional; will be confirmed in September 2019)

Trimester 1 Teaching (11+1 weeks): 21st September - 11th December 2020; Examinations: 14th - 18th December 2020

[Welcome Week: 14th - 18th September 2020]

Trimester 2 Teaching (11+1 weeks): 25th January - 23rd April 2021; Examinations: 26th April - 12th May 2021

[Welcome Week: 11th - 15th January 2021]

Trimester 3 Teaching (11+1 weeks): 10th May - 30th July 2021; Examinations: 2nd - 6th August 2021

[Welcome Week: 3rd - 7th May 2020]


Principles of the Academic Calendar

All of Anglia Ruskin's undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses are delivered on either:

  • a Semester basis (two periods of learning and teaching in an academic year: September to January and January to June) or
  • a Trimester basis (three periods of learning and teaching in a 12 month period: September to January; January to June and June to September).

Therefore, for each academic year, two calendars are published: Semester and Trimester deliveries.

Anglia Ruskin formally defines Semesters and Trimesters and how they link to the assessment process.


Links to the Assessment Process

The Academic Calendars map directly to the assessment process. An Assessment Calendar, which details the dates of individual Departmental Assessment Panel (DAP), Anglia Ruskin Mitigation Panel and Anglia Ruskin Awards Board meetings, is published by the Academic Registry and can be viewed on the Assessment Service's webpages.

In addition, final dates that can be set for the submission of student work are also provided and should be used when Module Leaders are developing their module guides and which correspond directly to the academic calendar and assessment processes.

This page does not provide dates of individual examinations - these are available from the Academic Registry Examinations section.


Please direct any queries or questions about the Academic Calendar to Paul Baxter, Academic Registrar.