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Friday 24 January
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Chaplaincy, Guild House, Peterborough

Places of worship

There are so many places to worship in Peterborough for all faiths, I have included in the lists those who the chaplaincy has links to. If you need any further information about any faith or are looking for a specific faith then please speak to Steph directly.

Christian Faiths

For worship of traditional and musical please see the Cathedral site, it has a lot of information on events held through out the year as well as daily services and tours.

Guild House is actually situated within the diocese of Ely not Peterborough, so some churches where you live will actually be listed on the following site.

Situated 2 minutes walk from Guild House you will find our local Baptist church called Oundle Road Baptist Church, the Rev’d Tom Mcgibbon runs this site and although Tom is not a Chaplain he comes into help with services so as a student of Guild House you are likely to see more of Tom than the other Chaplains. Here is a link to the visit the church’s site for more information on the services.

For a large evangelical community church who also run the food bank and other volunteer areas then please visit the Kingsgate site.

For other smaller churches linked to the chaplaincy please see the following sites:

The following link is to a Christian camp that happens each year on the Peterborough showground. So please feel free to have a look and attend as you wish.

Quaker faith

There is one Quaker meeting house in Peterborough, please follow the link to find out more information.

Hindu faith

Rajni belongs to a very lively Hindu temple.

Muslim Faith

There are 5 Mosques in Peterborough following the Sunni faith, please use this link to find out more information.

If you are a Shia Muslim please follow this link.