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Sunday 15 September
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Become a Welcome Buddy

Email: | Call: 01245 68 6700

Welcome Buddy

Welcome Buddy

Welcome Buddy is an exciting new ARU scheme where you can make a real difference.

As a current ARU student, you are the expert on studying here and you can use your knowledge to answer the questions you would have found helpful when starting and therefore make new studentsí experiences a little less daunting.

Youíll be allocated a small number of new students and will be a friendly face for them. Youíll introduce yourself before they arrive, then meet over coffee in Welcome or Teaching Week 1 to help with questions about starting university, settling in, making friends and getting to know the support thatís available at ARU.

This is a voluntary scheme which will only take place in your first semester so itís not a huge time commitment.

PLUS you'll receive:

  • A free Welcome Buddy hoodie
  • Drinks vouchers to take your new students for a drink
  • Free lunches at training and events
  • A thank you Amazon voucher at the end of Semester 1
  • Volunteering hours which will help make you stand out when applying for jobs (plus you can log them with the SU Volunteering service)
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills which will look great on your CV

What exactly is expected of me?

You'll be expected to contact the students you are buddying by email a week or two before they start at ARU, organising a first meet up on campus during welcome week (or teaching week 1 if you arenít around until then).
If you and your new student arenít campus based then all communications can be done digitally.

How long will the scheme last?

The welcome buddy scheme will last up to the end of Semester 1. Some new students may feel really happy and not need their buddy after a few weeks, whilst for others a friendship may develop which could last beyond the first semester.

How many students will I be buddying?

The number of new students youíll be allocated will be as small as possible, but will ultimately depend on how many welcome buddy volunteers we get. We'll try to match you with new students who are studying in your faculty, and ideally on the same course.

When will I know who am I buddying?

The contact details of your new students will be sent to you over the summer and at least 1 or 2 weeks before Welcome Week.

Where should we meet?

We advise you to meet your new students at one of our social spaces on campus. Weíll give you vouchers so you can take them out for a free drink on campus.

If you are meeting off campus, we advise you to arrange to meet in a public place.

Who can I contact regarding any questions or issues?

If you have any questions please email us

You can use this address for any issues you have. Weíll also set up a closed Facebook group just for the buddies (not new students) so you can share any issues that may arise and how well itís going. Not forgetting that weíll organise catch ups in the first semester where we can all meet in person and talk about how itís going, over a FREE lunch.

How many times will we meet?

We advise that you offer to meet your new students at least once and during Welcome Week or teaching week 1 (if you are both campus based). Itís good to have meetings in a group if you can arrange it, or even to meet up with another Buddy and students they are buddying. That way, the new students get more opportunities to meet others on their course.

How will my data be used?

Read our full privacy note to find out more.

Welcome Buddy