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Saturday 23 June
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The UK Engagement Survey (UKES) - Information for Staff

The UKES is an undergraduate survey that asks students to reflect on the amount, type and quality of effort theyve invested in their studies.

The UKES provides us with feedback on how our students are engaging and how we can increase student engagement in activities which promote learning, and in turn will improve their academic achievement. We use our students feedback to make changes to their learning and development.

The UKES helps us to better understand our students' experience in the key areas of:

  • Critical thinking
  • Learning with others
  • Interacting with staff
  • Reflecting and connecting
  • Course challenge
  • Engagement with research
  • Staff-student partnership
  • Skills development (hard and soft skills)
  • How students spend their time

Data from the survey helps us target enhancement where it is most needed and helps us understand how students experience their course, how engaged they feel by the teaching and how supported they feel in their learning and development.

What's the theme this year?

As an incentive to take part in the survey, and a thank you for doing so, ARU will donate 2 to charity for each completed survey. The money will be split between four charities (one local to each ARU campus). These charities were chosen by the Student Council.
This year the chosen charities are:

Who can participate?

  • Undergraduate students, who are not eligible to complete the National Student Survey (NSS), will be invited to participate in the UKES.
  • Eligible students will be sent a link to their student email account asking them to complete the UKES survey.
  • If theyre not eligible to complete either the NSS or the UKES, they can still give feedback via Tell Us.

When is it?

The survey will open on Monday 5th February.

How do students access the survey?

  • On a PC - Visit and click on the "Complete your survey" button.
  • On the App - Tap the "Complete your survey" tile
  • In lectures - Go to and enter your Student ID number or short username.

Further information

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