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Saturday 24 February
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Managing your assignment deadlines

It is important that as a student you learn how to manage your assignment deadlines.

Your Personal Tutor or our Study Skills Plus service can help you with various techniques to manage your deadlines effectively. However, we know that sometimes things happen which affect your ability to perform well or prevent you from submitting your work. If this happens you may be able to request a short term extension (10 working days). Please bear in mind that needing an extension should be a rare occurrence. If you regularly find yourself needing longer you must speak with your Personal Tutor or our Study Skills Plus team to avoid this having a negative impact on your course.

Please read the managing your assignment deadlines leaflet which is available below.

Can I submit my assignment late?

Without requesting an extension you can now still submit assignments late, up to five working days after the submission deadline. Submitting late, without an authorised extension, will result in the element of assessment to which the assignment contributes being capped at 40%. We suggest that you only submit work late if you have no other options.

For full information on how to hand in late work visit

How do I apply for a short term extension?

  • Complete and submit the online Short Term Extension Request Form.
  • You will receive a confirmation of the outcome for your request, or a request for further supporting evidence (e.g letter from your Doctor). This will be sent to your student email account.

What is mitigation?

Sometimes things happen which affect your ability to perform well or prevent you from submitting your work. Mitigation is a process which allows our University to take into account any unforeseen or unplanned circumstances which were beyond your reasonable control that may have led to underperformance in assessment or prevented you from submitting your work.

How do I submit a mitigation?

A completed Mitigating Circumstances form must be submitted within 5 working days of the assessment due date and you must also provide significant evidence of your circumstances to support your claim (see guidance notes on page three of the form). For more detailed information on the mitigation process please visit the Academic Office website or watch our mitigation video for more information. Students are advised to submit their mitigation form through the Faculty Student Advice Service. Mitigation claims are considered by the Anglia Ruskin Mitigation Panel.

What is late mitigation?

A student may submit a late mitigation claim (defined as a claim which is submitted after the standard deadline specified in the academic Regulation). In addition to the detail of the mitigation claim and the supporting evidence, a student is also required to explain why the claim was not submitted within the standard deadline of five working days after the submission date of assessed work or the date on which an examination has been sat, supported by appropriate documentary evidence. Late mitigation claims are considered by the Anglia Ruskin Mitigation Panel.

How do I submit a late mitigation?

If you miss this deadline 5 working deadline for mitigation after the relevant Examination Date / Presentation Date / Assignment Submission Date, you can submit a late mitigation claim, using the same Mitigation Form (AO MIT).

IMPORTANT: If you are submitting a late claim, you must complete Section B of the form (in addition to all other sections) which requires you to provide an explanation as to why you were unable to submit your claim by the correct (five day) deadline. You must provide supporting documentary evidence to substantiate the reason(s) you give for your late claim.

If a mitigation claim is received by the Assessment Unit of the Academic Office or a Faculty Student Adviser beyond the five day deadline, it will be deemed as late. In these cases, if Section B has not been completed, the mitigation claim will be automatically rejected.

If the documentary evidence to support the claim is not immediately available, do not delay the submission of the claim. Submit your claim as soon as possible and state that the evidence will follow. Delays of this nature will NOT be accepted as reason for a late submission (Regulation 6.111).