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Tuesday 14 August
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Counselling and Wellbeing Information for Staff

Visit: | Email: | Call: 01245 68 6700

The Counselling and Wellbeing Service is available to all core students at Anglia Ruskin University and offers a free and confidential service to promote mental health and wellbeing.

The service is staffed by a team of professionally trained counsellors and mental health advisers, experienced at helping people from many different backgrounds and cultures, who present with a wide range of personal issues.

We offer staff consultation and assistance in addressing concerns about an individual student as well as in-house workshops and training.

Students can talk in confidence to a professional counsellor and / or a mental health adviser about any personal or university-related issues that are worrying them. These might range from minor concerns to major issues including grief, relationship difficulties, abuse, anxiety and depression and more. In addition to one to one support and a variety of workshops and programmes, tailored to student demand, we offer our online therapy resource, SilverCloud. SilverCloud is an online resource that offers counselling and wellbeing support programs that students can complete on their own or with an online supporter.

Refer a student to the Counselling and Wellbeing Service if you have concerns that they may be feeling suicidal or self-harming. If the student declines, you should call the Counselling and Wellbeing Service to discuss the situation in confidence so that they can assess the possibility of any further intervention.