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Wednesday 21 March
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NHS funded courses
Information for students who started before August 2017

(NHS funded courses include Nursing, Midwifery and Operating Department Practitioner courses.)

To check if you are eligible for student funding please take a look at our NHS eligibility page for further information.

PLEASE NOTE that the funding for an NHS course in 16/17 consist of NHS funding and a reduced rate student loan via Student Finance England. Please see our eligibility page for eligibility for this loan as the residency criteria is slightly different for the NHS and SFE.

If you have any questions please contact us to discuss your personal circumstances.

Funding available for NHS students

NHS funding for students who started their studies before August 2017

The package of support if youre studying an NHS-funded course includes:

  • payment of your tuition fees
  • a non-means tested grant
  • a means tested bursary
  • a reduced rate, non-means tested Maintenance Loan

The money youll receive depends on the number of weeks youll be studying for (which can vary one year to the next) and where you live. You can apply online for an NHS Bursary or to Student Finance England for the Maintenance Loan.

Please see our range of leaflets for more detailed information.

Previous Study

If you wish to study an undergraduate NHS funded Course (Nursing, Midwifery & ODP)

Previous study does not affect funding for future study on one of the above courses (unless you are already trained in the discipline in which case you would not be eligible to apply to the NHS for funding i.e. you are already a registered adult nurse but wish to retrain as a Mental Health Nurse).

If you meet all other criteria you should be eligible for funding from the NHS and Student Finance England (even if you received student loans for your previous course).

If you are already trained in the discipline but wish to do a course in it again (like the example above) you may be eligible for funding through Student Finance England only. However, if the qualifications are the same level or higher then you may be classed as ELQ (Equivalent Level Qualification) and not eligible for funding and if your previous qualification was a lower level qualification you may have it taken into account in the same way as other previous study.

Previous study but not Equivalent Level Qualification if you are training in the same discipline but hold a lower qualification

You should be eligible to apply to Student Finance England for the range of funding they offer (please see our pages on funding for Full Time Undergraduate students.

However, any previous study maybe be taken into account and may impact on the amount and type of funding available to you via Student Finance England.

If you studied a full-time course previously this can reduce the amount of years of full funding you have left for your new course. You are entitled to funding for all course years of the course they apply for, plus an additional year, which makes up for any repeats you may have to take. Then, if there has been any previous study and a lower level qualification was obtained, student finance will reduce your entitlement by the number of years spent on the previous course.


"Previously I had studied 3 years of a full-time diploma course in Nursing. I now wish to begin a new 3 year BSc course in Nursing"

You would be entitled to the new course length of 3 years plus an extra year giving 4-years for a 3-year course. Your entitlement would then be reduced by the 3 years you had already began, meaning you would be left with 1 year of full funding. This funding will then be awarded in the final part of your course so you will be eligible for full funding in year 3.