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Sunday 25 October
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Submitting work correctly and on time is important, we don’t want you to lose out on marks.

Please download and read our guide of how to submit work at the iCentre and on Turnitin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline time?

The deadline time for all work is strictly 2.00pm on the deadline day. Please plan ahead to avoid handing your work in at the last minute. You can always hand your work in earlier.

How can I check where I submit work?

Check the Module Guide on the VLE for detailed submission guidelines. If in doubt please speak to the Module Leader or your lecturer for more information.

How do I print my coversheet and receipt?

You will need to submit a coversheet and a receipt with your assignment if you are handing in at the iCentre. They are not required for Turnitin submissions. The coversheet contains important information about your work. It is unique to you and will be used to log and track your submission. You are required to manually complete the marker's name and the total word-count on your coversheet and receipt.

Coversheets and receipts can be printed from e:vision. Once logged in click on the ‘My Studies’ tile then the ‘Coversheets’ tile. Find the correct module then print the receipt and coversheet.

Can I submit by post?

Yes, but you must ensure that you post your work to the correct iCentre. Please visit the Contact Us page for our addresses. Your work must arrive on or before the deadline date and time and be accompanied by your coversheet and receipt. We advise that you send your work via a registered or recorded mail service.

Can I submit work at another campus?

Yes you can submit iCentre work (before the deadline) at any of the three core campuses, even if you don’t study there. The core campuses are Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough. We will transfer your work to the correct campus for you.

Can I amend or resubmit my work?

When you have submitted your work you cannot subsequently amend it nor replace it with another version. This applies to all methods of submission, through the iCentres or on Turnitin.

Is there a restriction on the size of submissions?

Yes. To reduce the risk of damage to large submissions such as pieces of art and large portfolios, we only accept work that is A4 or smaller. Your Module Leader will inform you of the arrangements for large submissions.

What if I can’t make the deadline?

You must visit our Student Advice pages where you can apply for an extension online if you meet the criteria.

What is the process for submitting late work?

You can now submit work up to 5 working days late. This will result in a capped mark of 40% for the relevant piece of work. We suggest that you only submit work late if you have no other option. You can find out more information and how to submit late Turnitin work by visiting the late work webpage at