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Sunday 25 October
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Attendance Queries

My attendance doesn’t look right on the Student Engagement Dashboard

Did you tap in?

If you forgot to tap in then your attendance won’t be recorded. If you’ve lost your student ID card or think that it might be faulty, please visit the iCentre.

Replacement Ruskin ID Cards

If no light appears on the 'Register here' terminal when tapping in, it may mean your card is faulty. We can check this at the iCentre and print you a replacement if necessary.

If your card has expired and you're still studying with us, we'll exchange it free of charge when you return your old card to the iCentre.

If you lose your ID card you'll need to buy a replacement (£10). We only take cash at the iCentre but you can buy a replacement online. Please bring a valid form of ID to the iCentre to collect/buy your replacement card.

IMPORTANT – Always tap-in with your most recent card (if you have more than one card, check the issue number and use the highest). Please destroy older cards.

Have you been tapping in on time?

Your tap will be registered up to 10 minutes before or 10 minutes after the start of your class, but we recommend that you tap in anyway, even if you think you have missed this window.

Have you been tapping in to the Register Here terminal inside the room?

If you tap the access reader outside the room, your attendance will not be recorded – Look for the “Register Here” sticker on the terminals inside the room.

Did you tap in with your card, or with your wallet?

Bank cards and oyster cards use the same technology as the student ID card and so there is a danger that the tap in device will pick up a different card instead of your student ID card. Always remove your student ID card from your wallet before using it to tap in.

Have you been tapping in to a different seminar group to the one showing on your timetable?

Make sure you’re attending the seminar group shown on your timetable. If you wish to request to change groups, you should submit your request using the online Time Change Request form before the end of teaching week 2. If there are exceptional reasons for needing to change seminar groups after the deadline has passed, your Module Tutor should speak directly to Timetabling.

Does your module tutor take a paper register in your class?

Some tutors like to take a paper register as they feel this is a better way to get to know you. Please carry on tapping in even if there is a paper register.

Was your class cancelled?

If at least 24 hours’ notice was given, this class should have been removed from your timetable in advance, and so any enforced absences will not be recorded on the Student Engagement Dashboard. If less than 24 hours’ notice was given, our timetabling team will be able to remove this class from your timetable within 3 working days. Please contact

Are you tapping into each separate timetabled class or session?

If you have a lecture followed by a seminar in the same room, you need to tap in again at the beginning of the seminar for your attendance to be recorded.

Has your class or session been moved to a different location?

Please ensure that you tap in at the new location and this will be recorded. If the original location is still showing on your timetable, please contact

Are all of your modules showing on your timetable?

If you are tapping into a module which is not showing on your timetable, your attendance for that module will not be recorded. Please contact the iCentre.

Have you transferred course?

Please make sure that your course details have been updated and the new modules are showing on your timetable, otherwise your attendance for the new course will not be recorded. Please contact if your old modules are still showing on your timetable.

Are your course details correct on e:Vision?

Please make sure that your course details are correct and that you are enrolled on the right modules, otherwise your attendance will not be recorded correctly. If you think this might be the issue, please contact the iCentre.

I’ve attended all my classes, why isn’t my attendance 100%?

The dashboard updates daily, but the engagement measures are calculated weekly. Therefore, part way through the week, the % will be incomplete. The most comprehensive weekly levels of engagement are available on Sunday of each week.

Any other questions?

Please contact or visit one of our iCentres where staff will be happy to help.