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Friday 23 August
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Health and Wellbeing

Pregnancy, Temporary Injuries or Health Problems

For further guidance on how we can help with your temporary injuries, health problems or pregnancy please contact our iCentre

Students who are pregnant

If you are pregnant you are encouraged in the first instance to contact your doctor or midwife to talk about any concerns you may have about continuing to study.

Within the University, there are some key people that we advise you contact as soon as possible:

  • You are encouraged to notify your Personal Tutor or Supervisor to discuss whether there are any elements of your study or placement which present any health and safety risks and discuss options and possible support relating to your pregnancy.
  • You should also talk to the Student Advice Service to discuss your situation with them and seek advice on the best options for you. This is especially important if your estimated time of delivery falls during an assessment period.
  • If you have exams during your pregnancy, then Disability and Dyslexia Support can talk to you about any temporary individual arrangements that could help.
  • The iCentre can advise on facilities available for breastfeeding mothers.

Further sources of information and support:

  • The Counselling and Wellbeing Service is available to all students experiencing emotional or personal difficulties which may impact on their studies.
  • Student Money Advice Service - financial advice and information about money management & benefits.
  • Visit our Student Parents webpage for more information about what information and support is available to students who are parents at Anglia Ruskin University.

Frequently asked questions

Please download and read our student pregnancy frequently asked questions for further guidance:

Temporary health conditions

If you are temporarily injured or have a medical condition which results in a temporary impairment e.g. broken limbs or short term impairments resulting surgery etc. that impact on your academic progress (e.g. difficulties getting to class, meeting deadlines, taking exams etc.) you should discuss with us what temporary arrangements we may be able to put in place to help you.

You will need to provide us with medical evidence which confirms you temporary impairment, the likely impact on your studies, and how long the impairment is expected to last.

If you have exams we will liaise with the Exams Office and make every effort to make adjustments (e.g. provide a scribe if you are unable to write) however the timing of your request and nature of your individual requirements may mean arrangements may not always be possible.

Please talk to Disability and Dyslexia Support to discuss your temporary needs and what we can do to help. You should also talk to a Student Adviser to discuss your situation with them in confidence and seek advice on the best options for you.