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Saturday 24 February
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Health and Wellbeing

Alcohol and Drugs


Life on campus offers many opportunities for socialising in a range of venues including those serving alcohol and those which dont.

Help to keep you and your friends safe, get the facts and advice about drinking alcohol:


University could be a place where you could be tempted to experiment with drugs. You should think very carefully before doing anything youll regret, and think about the affect your decision could make on your health and your future career.

Legal highs are becoming more available, and although theyre not illegal, they can still be harmful, especially if they are poorly manufactured and contain dangerous compounds. It can make it difficult to know what you have consumed if you were to fall ill and can be hard to treat.

Laughing gas can be bought legally, although new licensing regulations being introduced are tackling its availability. The dangers include asphyxiation, unconsciousness and related injuries and there have been several deaths attributed to its use in the UK alone.

If youre concerned about your own drug use or that of a friend then info and support can be found at: