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Allied and Public Health

Further details on typical roles, employers and sector trends can be found on our Employability Portal and within the Job Sectors section of the Prospects website and TargetJobs.

Operating Department Practitioner (ODP)

The opportunities available to ODPs are extremely varied and would depend largely upon your particular areas of interest. You probably won't know what these will be until you have qualified and gained some experience. However, the opportunities can be divided into three main areas, which may at different points in your career overlap.

  1. Clinical. Once qualified you will be prepared to practice in the three main areas of perioperative care; anaesthesia; surgery and; post anaesthetic recovery.
  2. Education. This could range from teaching and assessing in the clinical environment, through to running your own faculty in a university. At least one ODP has now gone on to take their Doctorate.
  3. Management. Although managing perioperative services is the obvious sphere of management, ODPs can be found managing a wide range of hospital services.

The clinical skills and knowledge held by ODPs provides an excellent springboard to a diverse range of career opportunities in healthcare.

Some ODPs take further training approved by the Royal College of Surgeons to work as surgical care practitioners:

Paramedic Science

Most paramedics work for the National Health Service (NHS) and are recruited and employed in individual NHS trust ambulance services covering specific geographical areas. Other employers include the armed forces, private ambulance services, overseas health departments, oil and gas exploration companies.

Public Health

Public health specialists strive to realise ways of making communities and environments healthier and more capable of providing us with what we need for optimal health. Specialists take on the challenge of extremely varied and often unpredictable workloads. Specialists have a broad understanding of all the factors that contribute to health, including the structure of healthcare systems and services, current government policy and how to effectively interpret available data.

There are a wide range of fields relating to public health, including public health roles in healthcare and local government or international agencies. Such roles could include: Public Health Practitioner, Health Improvement Officer, Public Health Analyst, Community Development Worker, Smoking Cessation Coordinator, Health Promotion Advisor, Health Trainer Coordinator, Sexual Health/HIV Prevention and Support Services within Genitourinary Medicines (GUM) Clinics or within communities.

Health and Social Care

Health consists of both private and public sector organisations including: Dental practices, general medical and specialist medical practices, hospitals, medical nursing homes, other human health activities such as psychotherapy and physiotherapy.

Employment opportunities in the social care sector are grouped into: Residential nursing care, Residential nursing activities, Residential care facilities, Child day care and Non-residential social care.

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