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Sunday 17 February
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Employability Service

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What is employability?


Employability is a measure of how easily new graduates can gain employment and achieve success in the world of work.

Potential employers will look at all your achievements and experiences when considering you for employment, so make sure you develop your transferable skills and get some practical experience to make yourself more employable.

Find out what employability skills employers are looking for.

Why is it important?

A degree is no longer enough to secure a job employers are looking for graduates who can prove they have good communication skills, advanced digital literacy and strong team-working abilities, as well as relevant work experience.

With a huge number of applicants competing for the same role, you need to make sure you stand out through your involvements and achievements. Use your time at university to add experiences, skills and projects to your CV which will prove to an employer that you can add value to their organisation.

Careers Advice

Our Careers Advisers provide support through a variety of methods including online support, telephone support, group sessions and one to one appointments. For more information please contact us.