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Friday 20 July
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Books Plus

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400 a year to spend on books, study materials and much more...

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am eligible, how and when will the funds be awarded?

New students will need to have registered via e:Vision first and then registered for Books Plus with John Smiths either in store or at one of their stands during Welcome Week. Funds are usually available the next day.

Can other funds be added to my account?

You, your family, friends and other sponsors can add additional money to the account by visiting one of our John Smiths campus shops in either Cambridge or Chelmsford.

Do I have to pay it back?

No - this is not a loan! We want you to spend all of the money we give you to help you succeed in your studies.

Why cant I just have the cash or use Books Plus for food or other costs?

We have been running versions of Books Plus for many years. The rules for using Books Plus are based on a lot of experience, as well as feedback from students, the Students Union, and staff. Books Plus is designed to help the maximum number of students and to use university funds most efficiently and evidence to date shows that we are meeting these aims.

When will I receive my Books Plus funds as a continuing student?

As soon as you have re-registered for your next year the funds should be available shortly after this but they will be available before teaching starts again (dates can vary from year to year).

Where can I spend Books Plus?

Online on the John Smith's website or in the John Smiths student stores on the Cambridge and Chelmsford campuses.

What happens if I do not spend all of my allocation?

Your yearly allocation will automatically roll over to the next year for you to spend. However, once you reach your final year you must spend all your allocation by the time you graduate as you will not be able to have this refunded to you. Any unspent allocations will be put into a Hardship Fund for future students.

What happens if I have to repeat any of my studies?

You can only receive Books Plus for the academic years where you pay full fees. So during repeat study you do not pay fees and so will not be eligible for Books Plus.

Can I receive Books Plus during a placement year?

You can only receive your Books Plus allocation for the academic years where you pay full fees. So during placement study you do not pay fees and so will not be eligible for Books Plus.

Why do some students get different amounts on their Books Plus card?

The amount you get on your Books Plus card depends on the year you started your studies. When you started, your course will have decided the tuition fees you paid, whether you were entitled to other financial help, like a fee waiver or bursary and how much you would receive for Books Plus. All these amounts are linked to an overall financial package.

After tuition fees went up, evidence from the NUS, other organisations and student feedback showed that students weren't as concerned about fee debt as everyone had thought. Instead they were more concerned about on-course costs. In response to that feedback and together with our Students' Union we decided not award fee waivers and move most of our financial support to Books Plus.

If youre one of the students who started when Books Plus was for 100 you will have paid less in tuition fees than the students who now receive 400.

What happens if I leave my course?

If you leave the university before the end of your course, any money unspent will not be refundable as cash. Any money already spent will not need to be repaid.