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Sunday 22 July
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What is Anglia Trust?

The Anglia Trust

A Charitable Trust Deed was executed in 1990 to found The Anglia Trust and govern its affairs.

The Anglia Trust is an exempt charity established as a mechanism to distribute bequests and donations made to our University.


Role of the Trust

The Anglia Trust, as determined by the Board, exists to support our fundraising activity and to act as a collection/distribution mechanism for all gifts to the University.

The Anglia Trust aims to provide financing to advance the education of students attending Anglia Ruskin University in particular by providing or assisting in the provision of facilities for education at the University.


The Trustees

The Trustees are the members of the Finance, Employment and General Purposes Committee of the Board.

Presently these are:

  • Dr Jerome Booth
  • Dr Nigel Brown
  • His Hon Judge Richard Seymour
  • Dr John Spence
  • Prof Iain Martin

It should be noted that the Trustees are personally liable for the funds.  This, on occasion, prompts requests for precise explanations for expenditure.


Purposes of the Trust

The summarised purposes for which the Trust is incorporated are:

  • to create scholarships or bursaries or prizes to be awarded to students;
  • to provide support to educational activities as determined by the Trustees.  An example is support for Mission Croatia etc;
  • to provide facilities for students not normally provided.  An example of this is the purchase of a grand piano for use by Music Department students.

What it is not incorporated to do is:

  • to carry out commercial activity or activity for a particular organisation (this should be done via ARE Ltd)
  • to support activity which benefits the wider community outside ARU.


Receipt and Expenditure of Funds

When funds are received by the Trust it is important either to agree:

  • specific criteria for the expenditure of the gift; or that
  • the gift may be used at the absolute discretion of the Trustees.

N.B. All large gifts i.e. in excess of £10,000 must be cleared with the Director of Finance and Secretary & Clerk before being accepted.  This reflects anti-money laundering and other reputation management issues. 

If payments are required then these can be made usually within 24 hours if under £1,000 so long as the relevant criteria are met or, if the sum is more than £1,000 or no criteria exist, then on application to the Trustees.  The release of funds depends on the sum concerned and the date of the scheduled meetings and/or the willingness of the Chairman of the Trust to take Chair’s Action.


Administration of the Trust

The Secretary to the Trust is the Secretary & Clerk, Paul Bogle.

Day to day administration is currently undertaken by Louise Andrews who can be contacted via email at or on extension 3719.