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Thursday 22 February
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Immigration Compliance

When an education provider is granted a Tier 4 licence, and becomes an educational sponsor, significant trust is placed on them. With this trust comes a responsibility to act in accordance with the Immigration Rules and all parts of the Tier 4 Sponsor Guidance. Students who have been granted a visa to study in the UK under Tier 4 of the Points Based System are also bound by this legislation and it is their responsibility to ensure they comply with these rules at all times.

Anglia Ruskin University is fully licenced to sponsor Tier 4 Students studying at Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough and London.

We take our responsibilities as a Tier 4 sponsor extremely seriously. We have established, and regularly review, effective internal processes and policies to ensure compliance with all Home Office requirements.

The Compliance team are responsible for creation and / or oversight of all processes which monitor the student journey from admissions to graduation. For example:

  • Ensuring appropriate assessment of international applications and that each CAS issued has minimal risk of refusal.
  • Assessing academic progression in order to authorise course transfers.
  • Monitoring student attendance and engagement including work placements.
  • Authorising and recording notified absence.
  • Tracking and management of visa and passport expiry.

We are required to report various changes of circumstance against a student’s Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) to the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) within ten working days of that change taking place.
Where required we carry out reporting duties via the UKVI sponsor management system. For example:

  • Reporting changes of circumstances to UKVI.
  • Reporting where a student intermits, is suspended, discontinued or withdrawn from their course.
  • Reporting where a student wished to leave the UK and complete their course from home.

It also falls within our remit to ensure that all students studying with us hold current and legitimate immigration permission to reside and study in the UK – we refer to this as Right to Study and evidence is captured at enrolment for all full time students studying at main campus location.

Compliance Team Structure

Sitting below the Head of Compliance are three roles which have a specific focus.

  • ‘Compliance Manager (Faculty and Liaison)’ who will lead and co-ordinate the day to day activities and processes of the Compliance team and maintain Tier 4 compliance across all sites at ARU including ARU:London. Tiffany Boswell has been appointed to this position. She has experience working in a similar size multi-site institution and even in the short time she has been with ARU she has forged strong links with CRIC and implemented a number of new compliance processes which also enhance the student experience. She is extremely capable with a passion for compliance.
  • ‘Compliance Manager (Systems and Data)’ who will be responsible for the development and maintenance of our student records system (ASTRA) compliance data and all technical processes associated with our service across all relevant sites. Alex Lock has been appointed to this role and has already demonstrated his expertise and strong work ethic, not least as the technical and operational lead for the right to study project. Always keen to find an automated solution he will be key to delivering process efficiency in a number of operational areas.
  • ‘Compliance Manager (Assurance)’ who will be responsible for compiling, managing and interrogating key data sets related to our basic compliance assessment (BCA). They will also evaluate, and oversee improvement to, current compliance processes and their operational output. This position is currently vacant - business critical matters will be managed by the Head of Compliance in the short term with job out to advert in June 2017.

This lean structure provides the skill set, experience and expertise required to deliver a robust Compliance service in line with the strategic vision of the University.

Contact Details

For more general queries please note that a large amount of information including quick access fact sheets and frequently asked questions are available on our web pages and bespoke training can be arranged for your service area on request. In all other cases please use contact details as below:

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Head of Compliance

Dawn Taylor


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Compliance Manager (Faculty & Liaison)

Tiffany Boswell


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Compliance Manager (Systems & Data)

Alex Lock


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Compliance Manager (Assurance)



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