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Monday 14 October
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Health and Safety Incident Reporting

If you require urgent assistance or first aid

There's security 24 hours a day, seven days a week on our Cambridge and Chelmsford campuses. Our security team also supports students and staff in Guild House, Peterborough and Eastwood House, Chelmsford.

Our security team can be reached on:

6666 (from an Anglia Ruskin telephone)

01223 417734 (Cambridge and Peterborough using a mobile phone or from outside the University)

01245 683628 (Chelmsford using a mobile phone or from outside the University).

Use the SafeZone app

You can phone for an ambulance by dialling (9)999 from any Anglia Ruskin phone. You must phone Ext 6666 afterwards to alert Security that an ambulance has been called. This avoids delays when it arrives on site.

How to report an incident

Introduction to Reporting an Incident:

You must complete a Health and Safety Incident Report form. You will need an Anglia Ruskin University email address to log in. If you do not have an Anglia Ruskin University email contact security or your point of contact in the University who can report the incident on your behalf.

The short link to access our Incident Form is here: . If you cannot access this form, please use this manual form and send the form to Risk Management

Any health and safety incident that occurs on University owned or managed premises and during organised work or student activities must be reported to Risk Management using the Health and Safety Incident Report form. Health and safety incidents include personal injury incidents and near miss incidents. Near misses do not result in personal injury, but had the potential to do so. Property damage, equipment damage, unsafe conditions or behaviours are all examples of near misses. The form is for incidents involving staff, students, visitors, contractors and members of the public.

Completed forms will be sent to Risk Management. The injured person will be sent their own copy when they provide an email address.  Staff should not be keeping copies for their local records. Report forms will be managed by Risk Management.

A training video is also included here. Please click play for a quick demonstration about how to report an accident/incident using this form.

Who completes the form

The responsible person or line manager must ensure the form is completed. The injured person can complete the form if they are able to do so.  If they can’t it can be someone else acting on their behalf. First aiders and the security team complete the form if they attend.  Near misses can be reported by whoever witnesses the incident or when they first become aware.

Reporting deadlines

It is important that incidents are reported promptly because we may need to report them to the enforcing authority. Report serious incidents immediately to Risk Management by telephone (ext 4239 or 01245 684239) and by form within 24 hours. For example incidents needing emergency first aid and dangerous near misses with the potential for serious harm.

Other incidents (eg minor first aid and near misses) should be reported to Risk Management no later than five days after the incident. 

Prompt reporting enables adequate time for incident investigation and to take action to reduce the likelihood of it happening again. It also enables us to report certain work related incidents and diseases within the set timescales required by the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR).  Risk Management is responsible for submitting the RIDDOR report on behalf of the University.

Information needed

It is essential the information provided is factual and accurate.  Whoever completes the form should complete all the fields as fully as possible. If you do not know the information record in the field ‘unknown’ or 0 for numerical fields. Leaving the field blank will create validation errors and you will not be able to submit the form.  In some cases it is recommended any equipment or workplace conditions connected with the incident should be retained, noted and photographed for the investigation. If you are unsure on what to do contact Risk Management Here

Incident investigation

Risk Management will review each form and will usually follow up with the injured person or the responsible person if required. Where an investigation is needed the responsible person will be contacted by Risk Management and asked to complete an Incident Investigation form. In some instances, Risk Management will support them in carrying out the investigation.


Health and safety investigations are necessary to learn from incidents and reduce the likelihood of it happening again. The investigation outcomes also provide factual information to inform the RIDDOR submission, in the event of a civil claim or enforcing authority investigation. 

 Data protection

The personal data provided on the forms will be processed securely and is only disclosed within the University to members of staff who need to know it in order to carry out their duties.

Relevant information may be disclosed outside the University where it is required by law to do so to our enforcing authority under RIDDOR.  In the event of a personal injury claim, information may be shared with the University's insurers and anonymised data may be disclosed to relevant trade union officials.

The information is also recorded on our database, so that we can analyse and report on trends and for incident prevention purposes.

For more information please read the privacy notice within the Health & Safety Incident Form and our Corporate Privacy Notice.