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Thursday 22 February
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Records retention audit

From February 2011, records retention/data protection audits commenced across the university. The audits undertaken in faculties focused on student records and in particular, the retention periods of student records. All audits have focused on the handling of personal data and sensitive personal data and retention of data. Our audit checklist can be found below.


1. Please provide a table of the types of records held in your area. This should include the details in the template below;

Type of record held

Storage, location and security arrangements? (including who has access?)

What form held? (paper or electronic)

Personal data or sensitive personal data?

Collection point?

Purpose for holding/processing

Retention period?

Student file

Kept in locked cabinet.


PD and SPD

Application form or UCAS form

To administer student records

6 years after the end of the relationship









2. Storage/location/security arrangements (do staff know where records are and how secure are they?)


3. In what format are your records held? (paper or electronic etc)


4. Do you understand the terms personal data and sensitive personal data? What data is held in your records?


5. Collection point of records - where is the data you hold collected from? (i.e. application forms/web enquiries etc)


6. What are the purposes for holding/processing the data held?


7. Are staff aware of ARU's Records Retention Schedule? This can be found at

Are staff aware of how long the records they hold should be retained in accordance with the Retention Schedule?


8. Do staff routinely destroy/delete records that reach the end of their lifecycle?


9. How is personal data/sensitive personal data accessed?


10. Do you have enough storage space to keep your physical records in a systematic and organised order?


The following records/data protection audits have taken place:-


The Secretary & Clerk's Office - February 2011

Employment Bureau - Cambridge and Chelmsford - February 2011

Alumni and Development - August 2011

Research and Innovation Development Office - August 2011

Anglia Assessment Centre, Cambridge - March 2012

Faculty of Science and Technology and the Faculty of Arts Law and Social Sciences - May 2012.

Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education - August 2012

Lord Ashcroft International Business School - September 2013.

Risk Management - October 2013

Accommodation - Chelmsford Campus - October 2013

Accommodation - Cambridge Campus - January 2014

Security - Cambridge and Chelmsford - March 2014

Admissions - Chelmsford - May 2014

Procurement - June 2014

Assessments/Conferments - September 2014

Admissions - Cambridge - September 2014

Catering - Chelmsford and Cambridge - October 2014

Human Resources - October 2014

Estates and Facilities - Helpdesk, Environmental Records, Projects, Construction, Timetabling and Finance and Budgets - November/December 2014

Financial Services - Registration Services, Financial Operations, Financial Accounts - June 2015

Academic Office - May-June 2015

University Library - June 2015

Student Services - Nursery, Study Skills Plus, Anglia Access Centre, Student Money Advice, iCentre, Study Support, Sport & Active Anglia, Faculty Student Advice Service, Student Money Advice

Customer and Student Experience Team and Employability - October 2015

Digital Copy Services - January 2016

Faculty of Medical Science - February 2016

Learning Development Services - February 2016

CMIDS - April/May 2016

RIDO - May/June/July and Oct 2016

Anglia Learning and Teaching - October 2016

Research Institutes (CODE, PIER and VFI) - June 2017

ARU London - June 2017

If you have any questions regarding records retention audits or the retention of records generally, please contact The University Records Management Team.