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Monday 18 February
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Legal Services

About Legal Services at Anglia Ruskin University

Legal Services are provided by the Office of the Secretary & Clerk based in the Tindal Building on the Chelmsford Campus.

Legal Advice & Assistance

The University Solicitor is Emma Harwood (Currently on Maternity Leave). In Emma's absence, Ron Plascow is currently overseeing the Legal Team with assistance from Emma Watson, Katy Humphreys and Sarah Seacombe, Assistant Solicitors and the Secretary & Clerk, Paul Bogle provide legal advice to staff at Anglia Ruskin University.

Emma Harwood, Katy and Sarah are practicing Solicitors who worked in private practice before coming to Anglia Ruskin University. Paul is a qualified barrister who undertakes the role of Secretary & Clerk.

Each member of the team is both a generalist, capable of handling a range of legal matters, and a specialist with particular expertise in specific areas. We operate across a wide range of activity, consulting external lawyers where appropriate.

We also raise awareness of legal issues within Anglia Ruskin University community by running training sessions and seminars.

The Office of the Secretary & Clerk has performance standards:

  • We aim to deal with requests for assistance with a legal matter within 10 working days.
  • We aim to provide an initial assessment within 10 working days.
  • We aim to turn around agreements within 10 working days provided that we have been supplied with all relevant information.
  • We will make available a standard suite of agreements on our website.

With regard to our performance standards, the Office of the Secretary & Clerk will normally respond with comments on contracts/documents or with advice on general matters within 10 working days of receiving the relevant documents or query.

If further information or documents are required before a response can be given the staff member will be notified as soon as possible of the additional information that is required and the Office of the Secretary & Clerk will Endeavour to provide a full response within 10 working days of receiving the outstanding information.

If the Office of the Secretary & Clerk is unable to respond to any requests for assistance within this timescale the staff member will be notified and supplied with an estimate of when the Office of the Secretary & Clerk anticipate being in a position to respond.

In relation to contracts & other documents, the Office of the Secretary & Clerk will supply an email or memo setting out comments and suggested amendments to third party documents. Regarding legal queries we can give preliminary legal advice on the telephone or email regarding legal correspondence or how legal issues can be approached. We will endeavour to respond to telephone and email messages consistent with our current working timescale arrangements.

Following this, where appropriate we can be seen by appointment and subject to availability, we will endeavour to see members of staff requiring a meeting within 10 working days. In exceptional circumstances we will see members of staff without an appointment but due to demand on our time this cannot be guaranteed. We are unable to attend meetings with third parties, however to assist we can advise on issues to be discussed at such meetings.

Appointments can be made to see a member of the legal team by contacting their Legal Secretary, Tuuli Boateng on extension 4222 or at

Appointments can be made to see the Secretary & Clerk by contacting his PA, Louise Andrews on extension 3719 or at

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