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Wednesday 14 November
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Research Funding Observatory

RFO 2018!

The Research Funding Observatory is soon to become part of a broader programme of support for research active staff: The Researcher Development Observatory (RDO). The RDO is designed to support researchers across all areas of their research career development, and will include, but extend beyond, the topics previously appearing in the RFO. The Research and Innovation Funding Development Team will continue to contribute development opportunities, and these will appear alongside a suite of over 70 other training opportunities, with the RDO acting as a ‘hub’ of training opportunities for researchers at ARU.

The RFO will continue to run until 31 December 2018, but from  1 January 2019 the RFO will cease to exist as a separate entity. Therefore all applications to the RFO Travel and Networking Bursary will need to be received by 31 December 2018. Please note that funds have been exhausted for ALSS and FST.

Our remaining sessions are listed in the booklet


  1. Travel and Networking Bursaries are open!! Application Form and Guidance Notes are available. Closes 31 December 2018 ( must be claimed by 31 July 2019 for events up to December 2019)
  2. Booking - to book onto any event or session please visit or contact us at Please use Chrome or Firefox as the booking system is not currently supported by Internet Explorer.
  3. Goodbye loyalty cards, hello buddy system!
    Earn rewards by bringing a colleague with you!
    They can be from any ARU faculty/department
    You will receive the stylish RFO cup and bag!
    You get your reward on the day you bring your colleague, they also get a reward when they attend a second seminar.


About the Research Funding Observatory

What is the Research Funding Observatory?

The Research Funding Observatory will be a formalised series of focussed, targeted events and seminars for academic and research staff at ARU, underpinned by bursaries, to support you on the path to success.
Led by Research Services, the planned programme of events and support will utilise the expertise of the academic community, and those outside of it, to develop research ideas and potential, to offer insights and support on applying for and winning research funding, as well as contributing to world class research and its impact.

Why should I go?

We already offer you a strong level of support if you want to apply for research funding but typically this is just for you and your application, underpinned by universally applicable generalised tools such as our blog, databases and marketing. We want to build on this support and take it to a new connected and cohesive level to nurture and grow your potential. By providing a centralised staff training and support programme we can

  • develop our research activities and culture and change the current responsive bidding patterns together
  • we can grow our pool of research applicants
  • we can help you find others to work with or learn from
  • we can give you the opportunity to network with others in and outside of your areas of expertise, helping you to build teams and apply for collaborative funds

All of this will lead to higher quality applications and greater success.

How does it work?

It is built around thematic strands:

  • Discover: Events, seminars and tools to learn about resources available at ARU
  • Explore: Activities designed to put ARU resources in practice and find ways in which they can work for you.
  • Succeed: Seminars, events, and resources around best practice on award management, tips, reusing and resubmitting bids

The RFO is aimed at academic and research staff, but we anticipate that postgraduate research students, especially those enrolled on an MPhil/PhD, could be interested in attending some of the events and seminars and are welcome to contact us for availability.


Contacts and Booking

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Contact us at