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Thursday 21 November
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Post Award Support Research Grants

RIDO now offers centralised Research Post-Award Support, and is here to help with all aspects of your externally funded research project. From start-up to closure, we can offer you and your Faculty guidance and support with setting up contracts, monitoring, submission of reports and expenditure statements, project transfers, and coordination with other ARU services within and outside of RIDO.

What we can do for you

We are here to help you and your faculty with all aspects of your research project from start-up to closure.

  • Issue research project codes
  • Help with grant set-up
  • Provide regular project health check-ups
  • Arrange project transfer to and from ARU
  • Coordinate support from other services within RIDO
  • Assist with submission of reports and expenditure statements
  • Coordinate support from other services outside of RIDO
  • Review drafts of interim/final reports
  • Check T&Cs for non-standard funders and schemes


Request a Research Project Code

Once you’ve won your Research Grant, a Research Project Code needs to be issued by the Grants Manager. This Project Code is used to ring-fence the funds within the Faculty budget. To request a Research Project Code, please gather the following documents and email them to our RIDO Grants Manager.

Set up your Research Grant

So you’ve won funding for your research – now what? Aside from the many congratulations sent your way, setting up your award can only begin once key university staff have been notified of the success, so it is important that this information is shared in a timely manner. Make sure you notify your Head of Department, Faculty Finance Representative, and RIDO’s Grants Manager ASAP after you’ve won funding for your research – the sooner we can set up your project, the sooner your project can begin! For more information about next steps in the Research Project Start-Up process, see the resources below:

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Help with monitoring

Day 1 of your actual research project brings us into Project Delivery. Throughout delivery, certain deadlines must be adhered to, including the meeting of milestones and submission of reports. You may need assistance throughout this period, in the form of expenditure statements, high level monitoring, and advice on interpreting funder terms and conditions. Your Faculty Administrator(s) should be the first port-of-call for this, but if further assistance is required, RIDO’s Grants Manager is here to help

Closing your project

One month prior to the end date of your project, the Grants Manager will check-in to confirm any closing tasks are being undertaken and offer assistance as needed. Most research funders require a final report to be submitted in order to receive the final payment of funds. This report typically includes a scientific portion, which is the responsibility of the researcher, and a final expenditure statement, which your Faculty Administrator(s) and/or the Grants Manager can help you prepare and submit.


Looking beyond the end date

Beyond these practicalities, why not carry the momentum for your research project forward? The Grants Manager will act as a liaison between you and the rest of RIDO and ARU to increase the dissemination and impact of your findings, and help find funding for further research, commercialisation, or work with businesses.

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Can RIDO provide a Project Manager for my Research Project?

At this point in time, RIDO’s Post-Award Management and Commercialisation Team does not have the resource to allocate Project Managers. If you have a high complexity project (multiple work packages and/or partners, numerous funder requirements, etc) and the funder allows for it, we highly recommend including a Project Manager role in your Research Grant budget at application stage.

How do I access the funds for my awarded research grant?

Every research grant must be assigned a Research Project Code in order for funds to be ring-fenced within your Faculty’s budget. To access these funds, you can cite the project code when liaising with your faculty administrator to make claims/place orders. If you’re unsure of your code or don’t believe you have one, please refer to the ‘Request a Research Project Code’ section at the top of this page.

Can I spend my research grant funds on anything at all related to my research?

Terms and conditions vary from funder to funder, but the short answer to this is no. The funds awarded in research grants typically must be spent as agreed at the proposal stage, on the project awarded, within the confines of awarded start and end dates. Pots of money are often separated into specific eligible costs, and reimbursement will not be provided for costs that are considered ineligible. For more information regarding your specific project’s terms and conditions, please refer to your grant agreement or contract. For any further queries, please contact RIDO's Grants Manager.