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Thursday 22 February
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Faculty Research Ethics Panels (FREPs)

The Faculty Research Ethics Panels (FREPs) report to the Research Ethics Sub Committee (RESC).

FREP Chairs and Administrators are listed below. 



Lord Ashcroft International Business School

Dr Kevin Roe (Chair)

Carinne Mouhot-James (Administrator)

FREP meeting dates can be found at:

Arts, Law and Social Sciences


Dr Oriola Sallavaci (Chair)

Emily Downing (Administrator)

FREP meeting dates can be found at:

Health, Social Care and Education

Dr Sarah Burch (Chair)


Science and Technology

Prof Peter Bright (Chair)

Sam Wilson (Administrator)


Medical Science

Dr Selim Cellek (Chair)

Joanne Corney (Administrator)

Faculty of Medical Science (FMS)
Proposed dates for FMS FREP Submissions and meetings 2017-18



Wednesday 13th September 2017

Thursday 21st September 2017

Monday 16th October 2017

Tuesday 24th October 2017

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Thursday 23rd November 2017

Monday 11th December 2017

Tuesday 19th December 2017

Wednesday 17th January 2018

Thursday 25th January 2018

Wednesday 14th February 2018

Thursday 22nd February 2018

Monday 12th March 2018

Tuesday 20th March 2018

Monday 16th April 2018

Tuesday 24th April 2018

Wednesday 16th May 2018

Thursday 24th May 2018

Wednesday 13th June 2018

Thursday 21st June 2018

Monday 9th July 2018

Monday 16th July 2018


*All applications must be received from supervisors and emailed to by 16:00 on the day of the submission deadline for consideration at the next FREP meeting. Late applications will not be accepted.




Department Research Ethics Panels (DREPs)

The Department Research Ethics Panel (DREP) is a sub-group of the Faculty Research Ethics Panel (FREP).

For further information regarding submission of research ethics documentation and DREP meeting dates please contact your Faculty.

Please note that the Faculty of Medical Science does not have a DREP.

Lord Ashcroft International Business School

Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences

Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education

Faculty of Science and Technology