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Thursday 22 February
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Epigeum Online Research Skills Training

This suite of online courses gives you a speedy overview of a variety of basic general research topics. Designed to be of particular value to those starting out in research, you can choose sessions on subjects such as research ethics and integrity, project management and career planning, many of which are tailored by broad discipline area. Please click here to access the Epigeum website.

These courses are hosted by Epigeum and have been developed by leading researchers in several universities. Content includes video clips, reading material and interactive activities and there are guest appearances from well-known experts and academics.  Once you have reviewed the material, you are invited to take a test to complete the course, and to download a certificate.  Most courses take about 90 minutes to complete.

Please also do NOT pay to take any course - if you are asked for payment then there is either something faulty with your registration or you are attempting to access a course not included in our package. If you are having difficulty please contact

Please note that all research degrees candidates are required to pass the Intellectual Property in the Research Context course to complete Stage 1 of the compulsory Three-Stage Training. The Ethics 1 Good Research Practice course is also one of the two routes to complete the compulsory ethics training (see above).

To register, please go to Students and staff must enter their Anglia email address. Please choose a password and select the correct status ie undergraduate, taught post graduate, research post graduate, staff. These courses are hosted by Epigeum who will send you an activation email following registration. Please do not contact IT Support about registration issues.

Please would research students or their supervisors download and email certiciates for completed Epigeum courses to so that the details can be added to SITs and e-vision.

If you have any queries, please contact Dr Alan White or email

The Epigeum courses included in our package are:

An Introduction to Research Skills - UK version (60 mins)

Ethics 1: Good Research Practice (120 mins)
Ethics 2: Research with Humans in the Health and Social Sciences (180 mins)

Research Integrity - UK/International version
Arts and Humanities (300 mins)
Biomedical Sciences (300 mins)
Engineering and Technology (300 mins)
Natural and Physical Sciences (300 mins)
Social and Behavioural Sciences (300 mins)

Professional Skills for Research Leadership
PSRL - Introduction (90 mins)
Developing and consolidating your research career (165 mins)
Funding your research (120 mins)
Managing a research team (180 mins)
Research collaboration (150 mins)
Communicating your research (210 mins)

Research Methods
Research Methods in the Arts and Humanities (150 mins)
Research Methods in Literature Review (180 mins)
Research Methods in the Sciences (180 mins)
Research Methods in the Social Sciences (180 mins)

Transferable Skills
Getting Published in the Arts (150 mins)
Getting Published in the Sciences (120 mins)
Intellectual Property in the Research Context (150 mins)
Career Planning in the Sciences (150 mins)
Career Planning in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (150 mins)
Working with your Supervisor (120 mins)
Managing your Research Project (180 mins)
Conferences, Presenting & Networking (120 mins)