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Thursday 21 November
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Supporting you on your research journey

Working in partnership with Faculties and Research Institutes, RIDO provides advice, guidance and practical support to help you realise your research ambitions.

There are a number of ways we can help you promote your research to businesses and the wider community:

Printed publications (Research & Innovation Highlights)

RIDO produces Research & Innovation Highlights. This annual publication contains up to 12 articles that showcase the best of research, innovation and knowledge exchange endeavours. the stories contained within this printed publication can also be found online on our external-facing research web pages.

We're always looking for good news stories and for future contributions. If you have an idea for a story or case study, please contact Nabila Aslam, RIDO's Marketing and Communications Manager.

The Conversation:

The Conversation is a unique platform in that all content is sourced from university academics and researchers, but is written specifically for the general public.

Academics have to first successfully “pitch” their idea for an article through The Conversation website. Once accepted, they work with a journalist throughout the process, helping them to edit the article.  The academic has approval on all copy, headlines and images used.

We’ve had readers in practically every country you can imagine, including The Vatican, the Falkland Islands, Mauritania and North Korea. All Conversation articles are “creative commons”, meaning that anyone can republish them on their own website. 

Here is a list of all articles written by Anglia Ruskin academics here is “10 ways The Conversation is different” to other media

Contact the Press Team for for information.

Networking events:

RIDO organises networking events. These campus-based events bring together academics and members of the business community in order to meet and make new connections. New connections, potentially means new research, innovation and knowlewdge exchange opportunities. This is also a great opportunity for you to hone your elevator pitch.

"The Business Networking event organised for me by RIDO back in February this year has been very helpful in raising my profile as a consumer psychologist among local businesses and resulted in a number of contracts for my Insights: Brand, Advertising & Society Research Consultancy. Iím very grateful for RIDOís continuous support."

Magdalena Zawisza, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Our next business networking event will be in Chelmsford on Wednesday 18 October 2017.

Get in touch with RIDO's Marketing and Communications Manager, Alexandra Foster

Social Media:

We use social media to raise awareness of research and innovation activities. Help us spread the word by following us on our various social media channels: