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Friday 20 September
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Participants Needed - £15 Tesco Gift Card Reward!

n/a - August 14th, 11:10

Reward of £15 Tesco Gift Card for all who participate in this study OR 2 SONA credits.

For this study people with and without an autism spectrum condition are needed, that must be aged 18-40 and who have no heart conditions. Participation in this study will involve: completing questionnaires probing interoception, emotional self-awareness; counting and reporting heartbeats while connected to an electrocardiogram followed by a time estimation task which involves estimating how many seconds have gone by within a given time ; watching short videos and reporting the emotion you think the filmed people are experiencing; and answering questions regarding actors’ emotional states whilst watching short movies.

Completion time will take no more than 2 hours.

The study will take place on Anglia Ruskin University's Cambridge Campus (CB1 1PT).

If you are interested in participating or having any questions email Piers (