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Friday 20 September
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Hair cortisol study - 1 SONA credit for 30 mins

n/a - June 17th, 08:06

This study intends to establish whether there is an association between hair cortisol concentrations, early life trauma, and acute stress - Non-psychology students - Psychology students

The study will consist of two elements; online questionnaire and the providing of a hair sample for analysis. The questionnaire part of the study can be undertaken on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone at a time that is convenient for you and will take approximately 30 minutes. In order to provide a hair sample, you will be asked to meet the student researcher on the Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge campus. Hair samples of 5 mm diameter, which is approximately the width of a pencil, would be cut from the back of your head, near to the crown, and as close to your scalp as possible. Your hair sample will subsequently be tied, wrapped in tinfoil and sent to the Anglia Ruskin biomarker laboratory for analysis. Only the 2 cm of hair closest to the scalp will be used during analysis