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Sunday 21 July
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n/a - May 14th, 16:27

Hi, my name is Ana and I am collecting bilingual participants for my Master's dissertation.

This study aims to investigate metacognitive awareness among simultaneous and sequential bilinguals.

Those who wish to participate will be asked to complete a short language history questionnaire as well as a quick cognitive ability task. Finally, to measure metacognitive awareness, participants will compete the dot discrimination task on a computer. This simply requires participants to choose out of two circles which one contains the most dots inside and rate their confidence on a sliding scale.

Total study will take no longer than 30-40 minutes.

If you would like to participate and you can book using sona systems (psychology students):

OR you can contact me directly via e-mail at to book or for more information.

If you also know anyone who might be interested in participating, please let them know as it would be much appreciated!

Thank you for your time!