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Thursday 25 April
My.Anglia > News > My.Anglia News: £3.50/1 SONA credit: How sensitive are you to your hunger signals?

£3.50/1 SONA credit: How sensitive are you to your hunger signals?

n/a - September 12th, 15:09

We are currently running a study to investigate the relationship between interoceptive sensitivity (that is, sensitivity to internal body signals, such as feelings of hunger) and body image. The study involves drinking water during a 5-minute period, up to the point that you start to feel comfortably full, and answering some scales that assess body image and related psychological constructs.

To thank you for your time, we are offering 1 SONA credit or a £3.50 Amazon voucher. The study usually takes ~30 minutes to complete.

Eligibility: Participants must be aged 18 or over. Unfortunately, you will not be eligible to take part if any of the following criteria apply:

• You have been diagnosed with a physical disorder (such as diabetes or any gastrointestinal disorder), or take any medications that affect diet or weight.
• You have any psychiatric or neurological diagnoses.

Preparation: You will be required to refrain from eating at least three hours before taking part, and from drinking at least two hours prior to the experiment.

For more information, please contact Jenny Todd at, or sign-up via the SONA system here

This study has received ethics approval by the Faculty Research Ethics Panel under the terms of Anglia Ruskin University’s Policy and Code of Practice for the Conduct of Research with Human Participants.