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Friday 20 September
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New Time Slots Added: Partcipants Needed! Earn an Easy Credit!

n/a - March 12th, 15:12

At present the majority of studies relating to social media use and its effect on body image and negative affect (Ahadahzeh, Sharif and Ong, 2016; Fox & Rooney 2014; Nesi and Prinstein, 2015; Seidman, 2013; Vogel, Rose and Roberts, 2015) lacks an empirical evidence base. I am carrying out research on the relationship between social media use, body image and negativity, with the aim of understanding the processes that underlie them as a unit using some fun lab based methods. All you need to take part is your imagination and reaction skills! You will be asked to read a short scenario, complete a reaction time test on the computer and complete some short questionnaires. The research will be conducted by myself and take place on campus in a newly built lab room in the science and technology building. Your participation should take no longer than an hour and you will earn an easy credit towards your SONA research participation quotient. I look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested please follow this link to sign up

Eligibility: Must be over 18

Duration: Up to 60 minutes

Credits: 1 credit

Researcher: James Thompson (