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Monday 19 March
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Participate in a study for 0.25 credits!

n/a - January 10th, 08:37

If you are 18 years of age or over and identify as non-vegetarian/non-vegan (e.g. you do not actively avoid meat and/or other animal products for ethical reasons), then please consider taking part in my study at I am investigating reactions to animal victims; the title of the research is as follows: “Who Stole the Pig? How the Outcome of a Crime Affects our Perceptions of the Offence”. The study should last approximately 15 minutes and you will be rewarded with 0.25 credits if you are a current Anglia Ruskin psychology student. For further information, please click the above link and read the participant information sheet. Thank you for taking part!

This study has received ethics approval by the Psychology Departmental Research Ethics Panel (DREP) and ratified by the Faculty Research Ethics Panel under the terms of Anglia Ruskin University’s Policy and Code of Practice for the Conduct of Research with Human Participants.

If you have already completed my study and have not received your 0.25 credits, please contact me at with your 7-digit memorable code and I will manually assign them to you.