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Monday 19 August
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Digital Copy Services

Copyright Law information

For the Library's resource on copyright advice please click here

1. General limitations & excluded categories

  • Copies must be made from paper to paper (i.e. no ohps).
  • The CLA licence does not permit any form of electronic copying, such as scanning copyright text into a computer. (There is in general no right to do so for any copyright work.) The University does have a licence that permits the Library to obtain / create electronic copies on behalf of academics to be made available to specific cohort of students via the VLE. To find out more please visit
  • There are separate conditions for copying done for the benefit of partially sighted students.

The following categories of work are excluded and may not be copied for classroom use under the CLA agreement (they may however be covered by a different agreement e.g. UK national newspapers are covered by the Newspaper Licensing Agency or it may be possible to obtain directly from the rights owner permission to copy):

  1. Printed music (including the words)
  2. Maps, charts or books of tables (But Ordnance Survey maps may be copied under our OS licence.)
  3. Texts of public examination papers whether published individually or in collections.
  4. Workbooks, work cards and assignment sheets.
  5. Privately owned documents issued for tuition purposes and limited to clientele who pay fees.
  6. Bibles, liturgical works, orders of service.
  7. Newspapers (But national newspapers may be copied under our agreement with the Newspaper Licensing Agency.).
  8. Industrial house journals and other free publications primarily for employees of commercial businesses, industrial undertakings or public services.
  9. Any work on which the copyright owner has expressly and prominently stipulated that it may not be copied under this Licence. This does not mean the general copyright statement which appears on the back of the title page of virtually every book.
  10. Works published outside the UK, Australia, Canada (including Quebec), Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

In addition to the excluded categories above, some publishers have excluded specific titles from the CLA Licence; and some (e.g. Eyre & Spottiswoode) have excluded all their publications.

A current list of Excluded Categories and Works is to be found at:

American publishers

American publishers who are included in the scheme under reciprocal agreements are listed at:

2. Extent of what may be copied

Copies must not exceed, for any single module, singly or in aggregate:

  • the greater of 5% of any published edition, or
  • in the case of a book, one complete chapter;
  • in the case of an article in an issue of a serial publication or in a set of conference proceedings, one whole article;
  • in the case of an anthology of short stories or poems, one short story or poem not exceeding 10 pages in length;
  • in the case of a published report of judicial proceedings, the entire report of a single case.

'Pages' here as everywhere else refers to pages of the original publication, not to the number of sides of paper the material may fit onto when photocopied.