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Tuesday 16 October
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FHSCE Research Ethics

General information about the ethical approval system

All research conducted by members of Anglia Ruskin University - staff, undergraduate, masters and doctorate students (including students studying at Associate Colleges) - is subject to ethical review at the proposal stage. Our University adopts a risk-based approach to ethical review. Anglia Ruskin's research ethics policy and procedures are determined by the Research Ethics Committee (REC), which is comprised of representatives from all faculties and lay members. Full details of the University's ethical approval system can be found on the Research and Innovation Development Office webpages.

Guidance documents and forms

  • All those wishing to conduct research (undergraduate, masters, doctorate and staff) must complete the Stage 1 Research Ethics Application Form and then follow the procedure according to the category (GREEN, YELLOW, RED, PURPLE) your research falls under. Guidance documents, application forms and templates can be found on the Research and Innovation Development Office webpages.

Exemplar documents

Research ethics compulsory training

  • Undergraduate and Masters students and their supervisors All Undergraduate and Masters students at Anglia Ruskin and our Franchise Associate Colleges must complete the VLE-based Introduction to Research and Professional Ethics course. Supervisors of Undergraduate and Masters students at Anglia Ruskin are also required to complete the course. Please note that this does not apply to supervisors at our Associate Colleges. The confirmation that you have successfully completed the course (a PDF or screenshot) needs to be submitted with your ethics application.
  • Academic staff and postgraduate research students All staff need to complete research ethics training provided by RIDO: either a face-to-face session, or online through Epigeum. A list of university research and ethics training dates are available on the RIDO website. To book any of these please email from your Anglia Ruskin student email account. Postgraduate Research Students should check Progress Platform for information or to book training sessions.The confirmation that you have successfully completed the training (a PDF or screenshot) needs to be included with your ethics application.

Where to submit completed forms?

Ethical review of research proposals for staff and students within the Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education is conducted by the Faculty or the Departmental Research Ethics Panel (FREP or DREP). Applications should be submitted by email to the relevant mailbox by 10:00am on the deadline date. Please note, all mailboxes will be renamed shortly.

Risk Category Panel Application Mailbox Submission Deadlines
Green DREP DREP submission deadlines
Yellow DREP DREP submission deadlines
Red FREP FREP submission deadlines and meeting dates
Purple FREP FREP submission deadlines and meeting dates

DREP & FREP Panel Members:


Co-Chairs Professor Jeffrey Grierson and Dr Niamh O'Brien
Executive Secretaries Peggy King


Please note that there will soon be two DREPs in the faculty. The existing one will be the Education and Social Care panel. A second one will be created for Allied Health, Nursing & Midwifery and Medicine. Until then, please send all applications to the above mailbox.


Chair Dr Sarah Burch
Vice-Chair TBC
Nursing & Midwifery (Cambridge) Dr Mary Edmonds
Nursing & Midwifery (Cambridge) Dr Sally Goldspink
One academic representative from FREP for another Faculty Professor Peter Bright
School of Medicine Professor Selim Cellek
Education & Social Care Dr Philip Kirkman
Nursing & Midwifery (Chelmsford) Dr Ceri Wilson
Co-opted member Professor Sarah Redsell
Co-opted member Professor Jeffrey Grierson
Co-opted member Dr Leica Claydon
Co-opted member Dr Nick Caddick
Co-opted member Dr Lauren Godier-McBard
Acting Executive Secretary Jenny Rolfe

National Health Service (NHS) / Health Research Authority (HRA)

The ethical review of research undertaken in the NHS (including research involving patients, staff and property) is organised by the Health Research Authority (HRA) and applications are made using the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS). Some research involving NHS staff does not need to be reviewed by an NRES REC and can, instead, be reviewed at Anglia Ruskin University by a Faculty Research Ethics Panel (FREP). However, all recerach undertaken in the NHSwill require HRA/R&D approval. Please note that all research being submitted for ethical review by an NHS/NRES REC usually needs to be sponsored by Anglia Ruskin University.Dr Sarah Burch, Director of Research & Research Students, is the faculty sponsor. Please contact her for more information about the sponsorship of NHS applications.

To apply for approval from the Social Care Research Ethics Committee, please see the Social Care Research Ethics Committee website.


If you have any comments about the FHSCE research ethics web pages, please send details in an email to